Crime Statistics of Addison, Illinois

Overall look at the crime rates:

The daily crime rate in Addison is 1.32 times lower than the national average daily crime rate and 1.09 times less than the rate in Illinois. If you consider violent crimes, Addison still fares slightly better than the national average as the rate is 1.64 times lower and this number goes up to 1.69 times if you look at Illinois.

Property crimes are also around 1.02 times less than the overall Illinois average and 1.28 times less than the national average.

When it comes to how safe you are in Addison, the statistics reveal that 69% of the cities in Illinois are safer and 51% of the cities in the country are better off.

In crimes like sexual and physical assault, robbery and homicide there is a 1 in 440 chance that you might become a victim and 1 in 52 chance of becoming a victim to property crimes like burglary and minor theft.

Addison Police Department:

There are just 98 police officers in Addison, compared to 30,690 in the state of Illinois. Considering that the year on year crime rate in Addison has been going up, you would think that the police officers would be more in number. However, the statistics reveal that there are just 2.6 officers for every 1,000 residents and this is 0.5% less than the trend observed in the state and almost 20% lesser than the national average. This is a major concern out here and something that needs to be looked into immediately. For more info go to

2.6 police officers for 1,000 residents is a very poor figure. The local government must realize that in order to make the area safer for the residents and the visitors, they need to step up their game and encourage the youth to join the police if they want to improve the current situation and bring down the crime rates.

Did you know facts:

  • You have 1 out of 47 chances of becoming a crime victim in Addison.
  • Over the years the crime rate in Addison has gone up by 20%.
  • There are 5.95 crimes happening in Addison in every 100,000 people.
  • Compared to the national average, crime rate is 24% lower out here.
  • Addison is safer than just slightly less than half of the cities in the United States of America.

Overall Scenario:

The residents of Addison geography suggest that it is best to avoid shady and dark areas in Addison if you wish to stay out of trouble. Gangs are pretty common everywhere and staying out of their way is the best choice. Even though the population generally consists of a hard-working middle class group, and there are a few stores offering exceptional bargains, it is best to drive around while the sun is still up. Stay away from unbelievably cheap apartments as that is where most of the trouble brews.

Just like any other place, you are advised to exercise caution when it comes to where and when you decide to hang out. Shootouts are a common sight; recently, two people were shot dead in a car and while the police suspects that it was a planned attack, you still know that you can become an unprepared victim to such shootouts.

Common Crimes:

Thefts are the most commonly reported criminal incidents in Addison. In fact, in 2015, a whopping 74% of the crimes in Addison were thefts. The next in line is burglary, which is then closely followed by assaults, auto thefts, rapes and minor robberies.

What about the surroundings?

There are places like Inverness, Western Springs and Winfield in the state that have a lower crime rate, and since Addison is safer than 31% of the cities in the state, you can consider visiting those places or staying there.

Bottom line:

Whenever people try to decide whether living in a particular town or city is safer or not, tracking down the crime rates, year after year, is a good way to make the right decision. Going by that, things don’t exactly go the way Addison would have wanted it to, as year after year, the violent crime rate in Addison has gone up by 31% and it is 19% in property crimes.