Crime Statistics of Joliet, Illinois


When analyzing the daily crime rate in Joliet, is was found to be 1.05 times lower than the national average daily crime rate and also 1.14 times more than the rate in Illinois at the same time.

This shows that the city fares well when compared to the nation, but when compared to the rest of the state, it is not better off.

Positive statistics are seen in case of property crimes as well as the average in Joliet is around 1.03 times less than the overall national average but again,1.20 times more than the state average for Illinois.

While considering purely violent crimes, Joliet fares better than the national average as well as the state average, as the rate here in Joliet is found to be a positive 1.19 times lower than the national average and this number is still lower by 1.23 times if you look at Illinois.

While considering crimes like sexual and physical assault, robbery, homicide and generally violent crimes, you have a 1 in 322 chance of becoming a victim and 1 in 42 chance of becoming a victim to property crimes like burglary, minor theft and the like. If you have been hurt, perhaps you need personal injury attorneys in Joliet to provide information and inform you if you have a case.

On a crime index, where 100 is the safest and 1 the most dangerous, it ranks 23.  It is safer than a mere 23% of the US cities.

When analyzing how safe you and your property are in Joliet, the statistics reveal that 77% of the cities in the nation are safer and the overall crime rate is 5% lower than the national average.

Joliet Law Enforcers:

There are 314 police officers in Joliet, out of the total 30,690 officers working in the state of Illinois. Considering the fact that the crime rate year after year has been steadily increasing the city, a need for more police officers is urgently felt.  However, the statistics reveal a disheartening figure of 2.1 officers for every 1,000 residents.

2.1 police officers for 1,000 residents is not a figure that does much to reassure the heart. The local government needs to start trying to bring down the crime rates by widespread recruitment of police officers, and fast. Stricter regulations and harsher measures need to be taken to eke out this problem.

The rate by itself does nothing to reassure us of the safety of the residents, even more so when it is revealed that this figure is 20.1% less than the ratio observed in the state of Illinois and almost 35.3% lesser than the national average for the USA. Seeing how the crime rate has been going up by 15% in the past years, more and more officers need to be urgently trained and recruited to try to curb the increasing crime.

Safest Neighbourhoods:

The top 5 safest areas in Joliet are as follows:

  1. Caton Farm
  2. Lisbon/Newark
  3. W Caton Farm Road/ S Drauden Road
  4. Cherry Hill/ Gougars
  5. Crystal Lawns

Crime Stats At A Glance:

  • Joilet is one of the safer places in the country, and has a crime rate 5% lesser than the national average.
  • If you’re in Joilet, you’ve a 1 out of 37 chance to become a victim to a crime.
  • However, even with a lower national crime average, the place is safer than only 37% of other U.S. cities
  • The place is also witnessing one of the highest dips in crimes over the last few years, at a good 15%.

Overall Situation:

As with any other time or place, while visiting or residing in Joliet, persons are advised to stay cautious at all times. It is better to avoid unknown routes, dark alleyways, or dark streets and shortcuts. It is better to restrict movement to daylight hours, and stay within easy reach of public and police. Well populated areas with CCTV coverage and bustling crowds are advised. Going out alone after dark is highly discouraged. If you must, take along a trusted companion and inform your neighbours, friends or family about your whereabouts.

 Thefts are the most commonly reported criminal incidents in Joliet, closely followed by the next most common crime, burglary, which is then followed by assaults, auto thefts, rapes and minor robberies.

Safer Options

There are places like Manhattan, Willow Springs and Channahon in the state that have a lower crime rate, and since Joliet is safer than only 23% of the cities in the nation, other locations and towns are advised as potential residences or visiting spots as these might be safer.

Concluding Facts:

When choosing a vacation spot or a potential residence, the annual crime rate observation and analysis is a good way to go about making a decision. Going by that, things are certainly not looking up for Joliet, as year after year, the crime rate has increased by 15%.

While this percentage is not a very significant number, it certainly urges the current potential residents to exercise a very high degree of caution while making decisions about the city. This figure should make the local government take precautionary measures, and fast in the matter of crime and the safety and security of its people.