Crime Statistics of Waukegan, Illinois


When analyzing the daily crime rate in Waukegan, it is found to be 1.10 times higher than the national average daily crime rate and 1.32 times more than the rate in Illinois. Despite having a crime rate higher than the state and national average, it still does not rank amongst any of the most dangerous cities and communities of the country. When compared with communities with a similar population size, it ranks around average, showing that it is neither very safe nor very dangerous to live in.

When the matter of personal safety in Waukegan arises, of every 1000 persons, 4 are subjected to some form of violent crime.

On a crime index, where 100 is the safest and 1 the most dangerous, Waukegan history ranks 17.  It is safer than a mere 17% of the US cities.

Property crimes are also around 1.09 times more than the overall national average and 1.36 times the state average for Illinois.

In crimes like sexual and physical assault, robbery and homicide and generally violent crimes of a similar nature, there is a 1 in 231 of you becoming a victim of such a crime. In case of property crimes, which include motor vehicle theft and the like, you stand a 1 in 37 chance of becoming a victim. If you have been a victim and are looking for Waukegan personal injury attorneys then feel free to contact us.

Waukegan Law Enforcers:

There are 183 police officers in Waukegan, out of the 30,690 state officers in Illinois.

When compared to the population of the city, this amounts to around 2.0 officers for every 1000 residents. This ratio of officers to civilans is much worse than the state average as well as the national average. This ratio is 22.7% less than for the rest of Illinois and 37.4% less than that for the entire nation. The ratio is a disheartening one when pitted against the crime rate seen over the past years in Waukegan. Steps must be taken in order to increase the police force and make them more vigilant. Stricter laws and stringent regulations must also be enforced in order to ensure better safety of the residents and visitors of Waukegan.

Safest Neighbourhoods:

The top 5 safest rated neighbourhoods of Waukegan city are:

  1. Frontage Road/ Old Skokie Road
  2. N Green Bay Road/ W Yorkhouse Road
  3. Belvidere Street/ S Lewis Avenue
  4. 10th Street/ W Ridgeland Avenue
  5. N Jackson Street/ W Ridgeland Avenue

Crime Stats At A Glance:

  • You’ve a 10% higher crime rate here than the national average
  • The chance of becoming a victim of crime is around 1 in 32.
  • However, the percentage of crimes has decreased year over year, around 6%
  • As many as 8.64 crimes are committed for every 100,000 individuals at Waukegan every day.

Overall Situation:

The number of crimes in Waukegan per square mile is around 118, massively higher than the state average of 33.

As with all other cities and towns, the recommended methods to ensure personal safety are to stay away from shady looking and dingy areas. It is better to avoid going to unknown places after dark. One should try not to travel alone after dark, it is always preferable to take along a companion as there is always safety in numbers.

Apartments and motels that seem like a cheap deal are usually located in troublesome areas, and it is advised to steer clear of such places as much as possible.

Caution must be exercised while deciding anything, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Recently, a man allegedly left a voicemail which threatened to harm a Lake County Circuit Court judge. He was later arrested and charged for threatening a public official.

 The most commonly reported criminal incidents in Waukegan are thefts. The next most commonly occurring crimes are burglary, which are then closely followed by assaults, auto thefts, rapes and so on.

Safer Options

There are places like Third Lake, Hawthorn Woods and Tower Lakes in the state that have a lower crime rate, and since Waukegan is safer than a mere 17% of the cities in the country, neighboring safer areas and towns might be a safer option for residing in or visiting.

Concluding Facts:

When looking to settle in a new town or visiting a new place, analyzing the annual crime rates is a safe approach to ensure one’s safety. Going by that, things are looking up for Waukegan, as year after year, the crime rate has decreased by 6%.

While this percentage is not a very significant number, it certainly heralds a decrease in crime, and hopefully, safer days.