Government buildings in Addison, Illinois – Police, Fire, Civil, Courts

Addison, a village located in the DuPage County of Illinois might have a small population (approximately 36,942 as per the 2010 census) but it is this tiny population elects the government officials. The local government consists of highly competent and qualified individuals and together, with the help and support of the police department and the residents, it ensures that Addison continues to thrive and grow.

Addison Police Department:

The police department of Addison is a nationally accredited CALEA organization and maintains a good record of protecting the people and keeping the village safe. It works on the Community Oriented Policing philosophy and works with the community to improve the quality of life in Addison. Located at 3, Friendship Plaza, the department is well-maintained and demands the attention and respect that both the officers and residents give to it.

The department recruits well-trained individuals to serve the community and the officers never fail to promptly turn up to help those who are in need of it. There are around 133 people serving in the department and 67 of them are sworn police officers.

The Addison Field Court:

Situated at 3, Friendship Plaza, on the second floor, lies the Addison Field Court. The building is open to the public from Mondays to Fridays between 8 am to 5 pm and parking facilities are available in the west and south side of the building. It is about 1/2 block to the west of Addison Road, which is on the South Side of Lake Street and can be reached through the J.F. Kennedy Drive. This is not the court you will go to if you are working with our personal injury attorneys. The court mostly handles cases related to DUI and other traffic offenses. The people employed are efficient and hardworking and do their best to ensure smooth handling and that a fair decision is taken.

The Addison Fire Protection District:

The village of Addison has established the Addison Fire Protection District the objective of which is to help bring any kind of fire under control and provide medical and non-emergency services to the people caught in such stressful situations. Apart from this they also make efforts to educate the people when it comes to handling such accidents and educating them on improving their safety and dealing with combustible substances.

The fire protection district works independently of all local, government and federal agencies and as such, have their own administrative staff. The headquarters is at 10, South Addison Road. If you wish to know more about Addison’s history, it maintains an active website and can be contacted through a phone call or an email.

Public Works Department:

Might surprise you, but the residents of Addison are not laid back when it comes to the management of the basic utilities. There is a Public Works Department at 1491, Jeffrey Drive which, further consists of five departments –

  1. An Environmental Services Division that takes care of waste water treatment and waste management.
  2. Electrical and Forestry Division – As the name suggests, this department looks into street lighting and maintenance of trees.
  3. Fleet Services – This department takes care of the vehicles owned by the Village.
  4. Street Division – It is responsible for several street related work like traffic sign maintenance, pavement striping and snow plowing.
  5. Water Division – This department looks after the storage, distribution and management of water.

The Village of Addison:

The Village of Addison is located at 1, Friendship Plaza and is a one-stop-center for registering and handling any problems that the local residents might be facing. From electricity to water, every department is located out here along with the Police Department, and together with all these departments, it takes care of the day-to-day needs and problems of the people. It serves not only as an important landmark, but an important local government center, where, those elected by the residents work together in peace and harmony.

Addison has well planned government buildings. Most of them can be found in the Village of Addison which is the center where most of these facilities are located. The buildings are well maintained and known for prompt delivery of services. The officers and the authorities are friendly and well trained and qualified. Overall, one might think that being a village, Addison will be laid back when it comes to government buildings, but one look and you shall change your mind for good.