Government Buildings In Hazel Crest, Illinois

Hazel Crest is a modern community made up residents from diverse cultural backgrounds. As one of the most popular places in Illinois, Hazel Crest has plenty to offer its residents and visitors. This is partly because the location has an effective government presence that serves the community in various ways. Below are some government buildings within Hazel Crest and some information about them.

Government Buildings in Hazel Crest

1. Hazel Crest Administration Offices

Hazel Crest’s administrative offices are located on this government building in Hazel Crest, Illinois. The building is located on 3000 W 170th Pl, Hazel Crest, IL 60429. The building has the Clerk’s Office and the Water Department. In general, this administrative building has a welcoming residential feel.

With no storeys, and a lush spacious setting with ample manicured lawns, the building does not have the typical government building look, but it does offer easy and effective access to the services and departments it houses.

2. East Hazel Crest Village Administration

This building has city government offices, and it is located on 1904 174th Street, East Hazel Crest, IL 60429. The public building not very modern as far as its architectural style is concerned. Also, it is spread out over a large tarmacked compound with ample parking. The building design offers easy access to the departments that operate from within.

3. Hazel Crest Fire Department

This building houses Hazel Crest’s fire department. It is located at 223 Powers Road, Hazel Crest. The Hazel Crest Fire Department relies on volunteers; and it offers several services to residents, which involve fire and rescue. Like many other government buildings in the region, the Fire Department building features a low-profile design, which blends in with the relaxed suburban feel the location offers its residents.

4 Grande Prairie Public Library

This public building is located in Hazel Crest, at 3479 W. 183rd Street in Hazel Crest. The public library building features a fairly modern architectural outlook, especially in comparison to other public buildings in Hazel Crest. However, despite its imposing design, the building is quite simple and sophisticated, and it sits on a spacious compound.

Residents get a free library card and enjoy many other programs the library offers. This library has been in existence for over four decades. Currently, the library building also offers the services of a notary public and exam proctoring, as well as specialized library services for youths, adults, and teens. The library is run by a board of trustees.


Hazel Crest has plenty of things to interest visitors to this popular destination in Illinois. In addition to the vibrant culture, parks, and other tourist delights, Hazel Crest also has a number of government buildings that are used by the authorities to provide essential government services to the residents, both local or from outside Hazel Crest. Above are some of these buildings.

They include the Hazel Crest Administration Offices building, the Fire Department, the Hazel Crest Administration Offices, and even the Grande Prairie Public library. In general, the buildings feature an understated low-profile design but with a focus on providing easy access to the government services they have to offer local residents. The library looks a little more modern in comparison to many other government buildings in Hazel Crest, however.