Joliet Government Services

Joliet Government

The city of Joliet, Illinois has many well developed public service offices for use by residents. It has a well developed legal, judicial, civil, police and fire department.

Police Department:

Joliet today fares a lot better on the crime safety index than before and a lot of its credit goes to a robust police force.

The Joliet Police Department receives a large workload – it covers several non law enforcement aspects of the city as well. For this purpose, it has these subdivisions: Operations, Investigations, Administration, and Technical Services.

Its administrative and primary station is located at 150 W Washington Street.

There is an additional West Substation located at W Caton Farm Road, Plainfield, which handles a set area and relieves the immense workload on the main station.

Fire Department

The city has a vigilant and alert fire department to handle emergencies and look after the safety of its people. The fire department works 24/7 and is well equipped to deal with all sorts of emergencies to ensure the safety and security of Joliet.

The fire department, in addition to its fire and related functions, also carries out several other responsibilities.

Joliet Civil and City Council

The city of Joliet has constituted several boards and commissions for the welfare of its communities and residents. These committees look after all aspects of the residents’ well being and exist for their safety and service.

The boards and committees include everything from the Community Relations Advisory Board to the Economic Development Commission.

Joliet is a proud and strict home rule city. The government consists of locals and residents with a Council Manager at the head. The City Council along with the City Mayor decides all matters of public importance, so as to give the people and their representative complete control over important public issues and matters.

The mayor decides on the formation of several City Council Committees, which are offshoots of the council and work on specific matters.

The City Council Committees of Joliet has everything from a Baseball Committee to a Diversity & Community Relations Committee.

You also have the Will – Joliet Bicentennial Park Board and the Will County Metropolitan Exposition & Auditorium Authority Board (Rialto).

For people wanting to know more about the city’s origins, rich culture and heritage, there is the Joliet Area Historical Museum.

Community Development

The city devotes a large chunk of its workforce and staff towards growth and development of the city. The planning and building of roads, streets, public buildings, Joliet schools, and parks is undertaken by them.

Their three subdivisions include:

  • Planning and Zoning, which is involved with the building and maintenance of roads, streets and public walkways.
  • Building and Inspectional Services, which handles the building permits are carries out inspections on a regular basis to determine liveability and conditions of the local buildings and houses.
  • Neighbourhood Services, which is related to all other public requirements and needs.

Joilet Courts

Managed under the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court, Will County, it has its main offices located at the Will County Courthouse in West Jefferson. If you need any info on the courts or civil services, contact us for a free consultation.

There are several branches at well placed locations, which are:

  1. Will County Court Annex at Ottawa
  2. River Valley Justice Center at West McDonough
  3. Nicholson Archive Center at Nicholson, which provides no services but houses only records and documents.

There are several branch courts at locations like Bolingbrook at Town Hall, Braidwood, Lockport, Peotone, Plainfield, Frankfort and Wilmington.

Their courthouse offices and services consist of:

  • Circuit Clerk, at the Will County Courthouse,
  • County Clerk or Recorder, at the Will County Office Building and
  • Joliet, City of Government and Political Offices

If you are looking for public services in Joliet, there is plenty on offer.  You have a good police force and a fire department who are just a call away.