Local Schools Of Addison, Illinois

The residents of Addison have been well aware about the important role that education has to play in shaping the lives of children. Perhaps, the first indication of this was the establishment of a training school for children in the year 1860, when children, who were orphans, received training up till the age of fourteen and then had to work with the families living close by to make a living.

In fact, that’s not all; the Addison Manual Training School for the Boys and the Industrial School for Girls was set up to train children, even the disturbed ones who had been referred by the court. This shows that the people supported the creation and maintenance of a good educational system for the children.

Overall Picture:

Children have the option of receiving both public and private elementary education. Within the Addison Elementary School District 4, there are 8 schools, in which 6 are elementary, 1 is a primary center and the eighth one is a junior high. Along with all these, you also have the Lutherbrook Education Center and 2 parochial elementary schools.

District 4 is well known for incorporating the best techniques and adopting the latest syllabus to help children get the best education possible for a successful career in life. It also takes care of the needs of pre-school children and their respective parents by combining the benefits of public and private health with human services. It supervises the education of 3,800 children and is very much aware of the huge responsibility that it has been entrusted with and does its best to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Elementary Schools in Addison:

There are 6 elementary schools in Addison, Illinois and while most of them are public, they take in children from kindergarten or the first grade and it goes on till the fifth grade. Some of the popular elementary schools are Fullerton Elementary School, Wesley Elementary School and Stone Elementary School. The parents have been happy with the friendly and understanding teachers who not only help the tiny tots prepare themselves to face the world, but also ensure a happy atmosphere for the children.

The one high school in Addison:

The Addison Trail High School is a public school that that offers exemplary secondary education to its students. A huge number of the teaching staff hold a masters degree and most of the students do go on to pursue higher education once they graduate. Students can choose from around 250 different courses, like biology, physics, American history and world psychology to name a few. This gives the students the chance to follow their passion which is imperative in order to be successful in today’s world. The school has 1,700 students currently and also offers the chance to study in three different languages – Spanish, German and Italian. The school also has several clubs to encourage participation in extra-curricular activities and avoid Addison crime.

Colleges in Addison:

The Technology Center of DuPage (TCD) in Addison’s Industrial Sector offers special education to prepare the students for a career in technology. Special Skills like construction trades, machine tool services, pre-engineering CAD and other such options are there so that the students can go for a more practical training suited for the real world.

The College of DuPage has over 36000 students studying and thus, it has branches in three different areas of the DuPage County. One of them is the College of DuPage Addison Center, where it is a junior college that prepares the students for the transition from a school life to the four-year college education. There are 8 fields that the students can choose from and some of them are humanities, communication and behavioral sciences.

Not only this, but there are several other colleges that the students residing in Addison can easily commute to. Benedictine University is one such college where many students from Addison go for their undergraduate classes in liberal arts and sciences.

Bottom Line:

So there are good colleges and schools for the students to choose from and the fact that these colleges and universities offer them specialized stream for higher education is also a commendable arrangement. All the educational institutions do maintain a happy and comfortable surrounding fostering an attitude of learning and understanding.