Parks In Hazel Crest, Illinois

Parks are commonly known for their recreation and open spaces that provide many benefits and perform several functions such as:

  1. Offer opportunities for active and passive recreation and exercise
  2. Enhance psychological and social health through nature exposure
  3. Promotes physical and social child development
  4. Conserves natural resources and wildlife habitat
  5. Improves real estate values and encourage economic development

The Hazel Crest Park District has 14 parks over its district boundaries covering over 146 acres – Costa Ivone serves clients in all of these areas.

Commissioners Park

This park covers an area of 22 acres on the North side of 171st street. The park includes the Community Center and Administration Building. The park has two baseball fields, an equipped children’s playground, soccer field, and grass multi-use areas. There are meaningful vehicular noise and visual distraction.

Oak Hill Park West

The park covers 5 acres and has a Recreation Center. It is located on 171st Street, East of California Avenue. The park has a sheltered picnic area, a ball field, equipped children’s playground sitting area, grass multiuse areas, drinking fountain and paved trails. The park around Hazel Crest, IL normally holds the annual festival.

Crestwood/Lake Owens Park

The park is located to the east of Holmes Avenue and covers 13 acres. Nearly half of the area is comprised of Lake Owens rendering it a prime fishing area with fish like bass, crappies, trout and bluegills. The lake can be used for fishing and permits are required inorder for you to fish. The permits are on sale on April 1st annually. Boats without motors and up to 16 feet are permitted. To the east of the Lake is a 13-acre Open Lands parcels, village owned and are open to the public. The area is best suited for picnics among other passive activities.

Oak Valley Park

The Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (WRDGC) owns the 23-acre land and is leased to the Park District. The site is bowlshaped important in detaining storm water and is located on 171st East of Rockwell Avenue. Over the dry periods, the base of the bowl becomes an open grass field. It can be used for various purposes like cross-country events. The park has a gravel parking at the entrance even though access to the park is restricted and can be shut when floodwater is presented.

James O. Setnes Sports Complex

The park is situated on 2500W. Crescent Drive on 167th street. It is on a 21-acre land and holds several active sports events. The park has five baseball fields, equiped children’s playground, a football field, sitting areas, two parking lot, plus grass multiuse areas

Lions Park

The park is on 169th Street between Trapet and Bulger and covers a 2-acre area. It has an equiped children’s playground, grass multi-use areas and sitting areas.

Veterans Park

The park was formerly called Bicentennial Park and is located on 170th street and Park Avenue.

Tri-Hi Park

This triangular park is situated on 171st street. It covers 1.1 acres with an equiped children’s playground, grass multiuse area and a sitting area. Along the south of the park, a noise wall was put up to minimize Tollway traffic noise.

Wolf Park

The park is adjacent to the Highlands Elementary School and covers 5.8 acres with an equipped playground, sitting area and a huge grass multiuse area.

Cherry Creek Park

The park covers 1.9 acres and has an equipped children’s playground, a sitting area and a grass multiuse area.

Stone Hollow Park

The park covers 5 acres and has a Creek passing along its western borders. The park contains a sitting area, grass multiuse area, walking path and equipped children’s play area. Leasing is from the village of Hazel Crest.

Chateaux Park

The park is adjacent to Chateaux Elementary School. It lies on a 1 acre and has a sitting area, equipped children’s playground and a grass multi-use area.

Thurgood Marshal Park

this park covers 12 acres and runs along Cherry Creek. The park is a passive area with no specific sports.

Dynasty Trails Park

Located on 183rd street, the park covers 33 acres. This linear park has three large ponds, joined to the creek (Cherry Creek). The park is used for passive activities like fish