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Do you need help obtaining justice following an injury? Do you need to speak with a competent, reputable law firm in North Chicago in order to navigate the complicated legal system? Costa Ivone, LLC is here for you at this vital time. Let us reduce the stress that is involved any time fair compensation is at stake. We have the best and most qualified attorneys ready to offer you legal advice. Our firm can offer you advice in a wide variety of legal fields.

You can count on us for:

  • A team of dedicated leaders who wants to prove the high standards of our firm.
  • A listening ear who strives to thoroughly understand all sides of your situation.

We know you have choices, and we urge you to think earnestly about what type of firm you want to represent you. Connecting with our clients is vital to gaining your trust and showing you that we do care about your best interest. Each case has unique qualities that we will find by talking to you.

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At Costa Ivone, LLC, you can trust that you are working with professionals. Knowledge of complicated laws in a variety of fields is our specialty. We’re proud of the fact that we stay current on all the new and changing laws. They won’t ever catch us unprepared or off-guard. Your case will be thoroughly researched and prepared for a successful outcome. Our reputation is solid due to a high success rate for our clients.

Personal injury laws are in place to help people like you. In the unfortunate circumstance that you have been hurt, and it wasn’t your fault, you have rights. We are here for you.

Our practice specializes in:

  • Premises liability (Break-ins)
  • Defamation; libel and slander
  • Animal attacks
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Dangerous/defective products
  • Dram shop
  • Car accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Bus & train accidents
  • Workers’ compensation for workplace injuries; repetitive strain injuries, traumas
  • Occupational diseases
  • Workplace deaths
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Assault, battery, and other intentional torts
  • Sexual abuse
  • Medication errors
  • Malnutrition & dehydration

Costa Ivone, LLC, is a firm offering unparalleled client services, including advice and representation for personal injury, negligence, and worker’s compensation in North Chicago, IL.


Unfortunately, personal injury affects many people. Each year, workers get hurt while just trying to perform their jobs. Pedestrians get struck by distracted drivers. Careless and reckless actions by one party can cause life-changing, even devastating consequences to another. This just isn’t fair. Let us help you file a claim and get you on the path to getting compensation.

No one likes filing complicated paperwork, spending precious time communicating with insurance companies, or having to go to court. Additionally, many legal and technical terms can only be understood and explained by highly experienced professionals.

Following an accident, your doctors will likely order rest and a low-stress environment. However, stress and anxiety often follow an accident, especially when your medical bills start to pile up. Let us lift your burden by getting you the compensation that you are owed. Costa Ivone, LLC has personal injury law professionals in North Chicago, Illinois who can and will ensure that your compensation is fair. We won’t settle for anything less.

From the beginning of your court case to the end, you can feel confident that your legal team is exhausting every legal angle, avenue, and aspect of your case. We want to put your mind at ease and allow you to recover. The cost of medical care can be beyond overwhelming. It can devastate your finances if you aren’t compensated. We offer personal support, always keeping up to speed on your case, and the best legal advice and guidance in the state of Illinois.

We know that there are going to be insurance companies offering you a quick settlement following an injury. This may get money in your pocket sooner, but are you sure it will cover your costs? Are they compensating you for your pain and suffering? What about time off of work/lost wages? For your sake, please strongly consider employing the services of a personal injury lawyer to get proper medical treatment as well as just compensation.

Many victims will opt to bi-pass the stress and inconvenience of a court case. However, we want you to be sure you know exactly what to expect. Let us help you consider the type of settlement offered, the treatment you need, and the number of days of missed work during your recovery.

Our law firm reviews and accepts personal injury cases of every size. No case is too big or too small. It is very important that you immediately seek free legal advice after an accident. Even if you decide not to hire a lawyer, it costs you nothing to have your questions answered and discuss your case.


A negligence claim is a cause of action consisting of several elements. Negligence is a common law cause of action specifically recognized by Illinois courts. To support a negligence claim, Illinois courts often refer to three elements:

  • A duty (responsibility) recognized by the law
  • Failure to perform that duty
  • Proof that the failure caused the injury

The idea of negligence really follows the understanding of what is socially acceptable behavior. Those who you come in contact with on a daily basis must treat you in a manner that won’t cause you injury. With respect to cars, they can be deadly weapons if not used and maintained as intended. Because of this, there are laws in place to protect those who use them, or are injured by them. Laws also provide consequences to those who fail to follow this set of rules.

The following are examples of how one might be found negligent during the use of an automobile:

  • Texting or emailing while driving
  • Taking eyes off the road for any reason
  • Taking pictures while driving
  • Drinking alcohol before or while driving
  • Failing to yield or stop at posted signs
  • Failing to maintain the auto’s brakes, lights, steering, etc.
  • Speeding
  • Driving unsafely
  • Driving without required glasses or contacts

We can help you build a case of negligence by proving that the defendant was negligent, through both factual and legal causation. The injured party must also be able to prove that the act was legally sufficient to make the defendant liable. We will work with you to do so.

We have highly experienced North Chicago-based attorneys at Costa Ivone, LLC, who can assist you with your case. Lawyers spend extensive time, work, and money to prove negligence. Our legal assistance can make all the difference in your negligence case and get you the compensation you deserve. Employ the services of a certified legal expert to knowledgeably guide your negligence case.

You can expect the following services from our firm:

  • Regular communication about your case
  • Obtaining witness statements, photos, and reports as evidence
  • Assembling medical reports, records and bills, employment reports, and/or any other documentation of your damages (once your condition has stabilized)
  • Analyzing evidence to build a strong case
  • Negotiations with insurance companies
  • Filing of a lawsuit (if necessary)
  • Filing of depositions of parties involved, witnesses, and experts
  • Communication with courts about trial dates (if needed)

You can take comfort in the fact that your negligence case is being handled by the best in the business.


If you’ve been in a car accident, one of the first legal issues you’ll need to consider is liability. Who is at fault for causing the accident, and subsequently liable to pay for the damage done? Liability is not always clear.

The majority of car accidents are caused by driver negligence, poor road conditions, or a problem or defect with one of the automobiles involved. Determining which driver is at fault is very important to your case.

For example, if Bob is driving at night in a vehicle without brake lights, while Jim is following behind him too closely, when Jim hits Bob’s car from behind, both parties seem to be at fault. Jim may have had more time to swerve or stop had he not been tailgating. However, Jim might have been able to react sooner, had Bob’s brake lights been in working order. Since both drivers have contributed to this car accident, the insurance companies will apply comparative negligence laws to determine who is liable to pay for damages.

To recover damages, Illinois uses modified comparative negligence. This law states that an injured person may be able to recover damages if he or she is less than 50 percent at fault. The amount recovered can be adjusted in proportion to the amount of fault of each party in the car accident.

A judge may find one person in the automobile accident 75% at fault, and the driver who is 25% at fault would be able to collect damages, as their portion of blame is less than 50%. However, he or she may only be awarded 75% of the cost of damages and medical costs by the other driver’s insurance company.

Costa Ivone, LLC lawyers are your trusted negligence law representatives in the North Chicago area. Let us help recover your loss.


When injured on the job, you should be aware of your rights. You shouldn’t have to fight to be reimbursed when you were hurt at work and you weren’t at fault. Your employer is required to provide you with a safe working environment, but may have failed to do so.

Illinois workers’ compensation laws allow employees who are injured in the course of their jobs to seek benefits from their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If you believe you are entitled to worker’s compensation, let us help you assess your claim.

Your employer’s attorney may ignore you, deny you, or offer you a less than adequate settlement. This is both frustrating and intimidating, but insurance companies don’t scare us. We know their tactics and we know how to protect you, the hardworking employee.

The experienced legal team at Costa Ivone, LLC will help you get all the worker’s compensation benefits to which you’re entitled. A highly-qualified worker’s compensation attorney can assist you with:

  • Locating the right doctors
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Representing your interests at the Workers Compensation Appeals Board
  • Filing your claim
  • Relieving your stress while you recover
  • Negotiating a fair settlement out of court
  • Represent you if a trial is deemed necessary

Our lawyers here at Costa Ivone, LLC Our lawyers here at Costa Ivone, LLC, have comprehensive knowledge as well as substantial working experience with nearby Calumet City, Illinois worker’s compensation law.  We are ready to utilize our comprehensive knowledge and substantial experience for you and your case.  We have a team skilled in the regional Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board. Your case will be heard at the Appeals board, if it proceeds to trial. Our expert lawyers will confidently help you handle the complicated procedure of filing a claim. It’s what we do!

Your only job should be to concentrate on recovery. It’s sometimes difficult to ask for help, but this is a time in your life when you should rely on those who are prepared and willing to help. Please allow our team of experts to handle all the work.

The vast experience of the whole legal staff at Costa Ivone, LLC can offer outstanding knowledge. We won’t drag your case out longer than necessary. We’ll efficiently work with you toward a settlement as you put your life back together.

We’ll answer your questions, keep you informed, and provide confidence that you have hired the best legal team to obtain a just compensation for you. North Chicago, Illinois and the entire state of Illinois benefit from having the attorneys at Costa Ivone, LLC to handle their personal injury compensation cases. Injured clients benefit from their major principle and firm beliefs in a strong client-attorney relationship, aggressive and ethical practice, and advocacy for the injured. These principals provide the solid foundation of this law firm.