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If you have suffered an injury as a result of the negligence of another person, company, or product malfunction, you may be eligible to claim financial compensation for your injuries and losses. As a trusted law firm in Plainfield, Illinois, Costa Ivone, LLC is dedicated to defending the rights of injury victims and their families. Our personal injury attorneys understand the hardships that victims can face after suffering from a personal injury. We want to fight for your rights.

You can rest assured that with our attorneys, you will be partnering with knowledgeable professionals with high ethical standards. We make certain to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Always keep the client’s best interest in mind.
  • Success and leadership are attainable and should always be the goal.
  • Work as a team with individuals who share the same positive values, client-centered vision, and goals.

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You won’t find a legal staff that cares more about those who entrust us with getting justice, following an injury. Our clients come first. From the first meeting, to the last, you will encounter professionals who seek to learn all they can about your case. They want to know everything they can do to help you and plan the best way to get compensated following an accident. We are here to listen.

Costa Ivone, LLC is a knowledgeable group of professionals in a wide variety of legal fields. However, you can feel secure in the knowledge that when laws are passed or revised, our attorneys stay apprised of how those changes will affect our clients. In order to maintain our high level of success, we feel this is fundamental to our success.

When you have a personal injury, or you are hurt in an accident that was not your fault, the laws of Illinois are in place to protect you. These laws can be complicated, but we are here to guide you. We have attorneys who are considered experts in a variety of legal areas.

Our diverse firm is prepared to represent you for:

  • Premises liability (Break-ins)
  • Defamation; libel and slander
  • Animal attacks
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Dangerous/defective products
  • Dram shop
  • Car accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Bus & train accidents
  • Workers’ compensation for workplace injuries; repetitive strain injuries, traumas
  • Occupational diseases
  • Workplace deaths
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Assault, battery, and other intentional torts
  • Sexual abuse
  • Medication errors
  • Malnutrition & dehydration

At Costa Ivone, LLC, our legal services and expertise cover three fields: Personal Injury, Negligence, and Worker’s Compensation. In Plainfield, IL you will want our team on your side.


Many personal injury cases are filed annually. Personal injury is any injury suffered by a victim as a result of the actions of another party. If you have suffered a personal injury, you have the right to file a claim to sue the offender for compensation. Even if the injury wasn’t intentional, you may be entitled to payment.

Don’t get bogged down by the burden of filing complicated paperwork, spending precious time communicating with insurance companies, or having to go to court. Most legal terms are very technical and can only be understood and explained by highly experienced professionals, and this can cause costly mistakes if not understood.

If you want to be sure you’re getting fair compensation for your injury, our Plainfield, Illinois law professionals are ready to take your case. Costa Ivone, LLC is a diverse practice with years of experience in legal proceedings. Put our personal injury knowledge on your side.

Our Plainfield, Illinois personal injury law professionals will ensure that you get the right compensation. One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a personal injury lawyer is to make sure the person is knowledgeable about that legal proceeding, to ensure that you get a just outcome.

Building your case can involve far more than victims and families realize. The consequences may continue for months or years following the incident. The trauma can cause injury that goes beyond physical issues. We will help you determine all the care you will need to return your life and well-being to normal. Peace of mind does help with recovery, and with the help of our attorneys, peace of mind is within reach.

From beginning to end, you’ll be impressed with the thorough, supportive staff. The burden of this process will be eased with the comfort that you have hired an honest, thoughtful, knowledgeable law firm who is working diligently for you. We will work to make sure you are able to return to a comfortable life following your recuperation.

Perhaps you’ve been offered a monetary settlement that seems appealing. This is normally due to the fact that the insurance companies want to avoid allowing the courts to decide on the amount you will actually need to cover your expenses. They think that you would rather get a quick pay-off now. However, if you let us investigate and consider all medical treatments along with pain and suffering, you will likely find that they have underestimated the actual amount that you deserve. Let us negotiate for you.

Our attorneys can build a compelling case. Add that to their incredible experience, litigation and negotiation skills, and you are almost guaranteed a generous compensation following, with the helpful of the legal team at Costa Ivone, LLC, a less stressful legal process.


A successful suit for negligence has four elements. You must prove each of them in a lawsuit in order to get compensation:

  1. The other party owed you a legal duty.
  2. The defendant breached that duty.
  3. The breach caused your injury.
  4. The breach caused damages.

Our team knows that you cannot recover compensation from someone for negligence if that person did not owe you a legal duty, so that is what we can help you prove. We can attempt to prove that the defendant failed to satisfy his or her duty by doing something or failing to do something. Therefore, if the defendant’s actions or inactions caused your injury and you were harmed as a result, they should be held liable.

When evidence of legal and actual causation can prevent an indefinite trial for the defendant, your settlement will come more quickly, because when one party can prove that the other party is the cause of the injury it can be used as evidence of legal causation.

It is easier to establish negligence when the negligent party is in close proximity to the injuries or damages. This makes proving legal causation easier. Evidence of legal causation helps the court to ensure that the evidence against the defendant is sufficient before ordering the payment of damages.

A skilled negligence lawyer can help you differentiate between the actual and legal causation in your case. They can use this to prove the particular damage caused by the defendant. We have highly experienced Plainfield based attorneys at Costa Ivone, LLC, who can assist you with your case. We offer legal assistance to help you build your negligence case and get you the appropriate compensation you deserve.

Our firm provides:

  • Regular communication about your case
  • Witness statements, photos, and reports as evidence when possible
  • Needed medical reports, records and bills, employment reports, and/or any other documentation of your damages (once your condition has stabilized)
  • Analysis of evidence to build a strong case
  • Negotiations with insurance companies
  • Filing of a lawsuit (if necessary)
  • Filing of depositions of parties involved, witnesses, and experts
  • Communication with courts about trial dates (if needed)


People are expected to treat other people in a manner that won’t cause them injury. Cars are dangerous if not used and maintained as intended. Because of this, there are laws in place to protect those who use them, or are injured by them.

Have you been injured in an accident while the other driver was:

  • Texting or emailing while driving?
  • Taking eyes off the road for any reason?
  • Taking pictures while driving?
  • Drinking alcohol before or while driving?
  • Failing to yield or stop at posted signs?
  • Failing to maintain the auto’s brakes, lights, steering, etc?
  • Speeding?
  • Driving unsafely?
  • Driving without required glasses or contacts?

If so, we will work to prove that the act was legally sufficient to make the defendant liable. We will work with you to do so.

Here is how comparative negligence laws work in regards to a car accident. Let’s say that Jake is attempting to pass Claire’s vehicle in a no-passing zone. Claire doesn’t see him and decides to make a left turn, without signaling. The two vehicles collide, but both have done something wrong. Insurance companies will both try to argue that they are not liable to pay for the damage to the vehicles.

To recover damages, Illinois uses modified comparative negligence. This law states that an injured person may be able to recover damages if he or she is less than fifty percent at fault. The amount recovered can be reduced in proportion to the amount of fault of each party in the car accident.

With Jake and Claire, a judge may find one person in the automobile accident 60% at fault, and the driver who is 40% at fault would be able to collect damages, as their portion of blame is less than 50%. However, he or she may only be awarded 60% of the cost of damages and medical costs by the other driver’s insurance company.

Our lawyers in Plainfield area are highly skilled in negligence in automobile accident cases. They want to help you to achieve the best result in your case. Our attorneys know how to effectively gather evidence of negligence and how to bring a strong lawsuit on your behalf.


If you’ve suffered a work-related injury or illness, you may be wondering whether to hire a workers’ compensation attorney. The moment any complexity arises in your case is the moment you should hire an attorney. Here are some examples of situations that call for a lawyer’s intervention:

  • Your employer denies your claim or doesn’t pay your benefits promptly. Employers and workers’ comp insurers often reject legitimate claims, hoping you will fail to appeal. They’re actually correct, unfortunately, but hiring a workers’ comp attorney costs nothing up front, and it gives you the best chance to receive a fair settlement for your injuries.
  • Your employer’s settlement offer doesn’t cover all your lost wages or medical bills. If you’re not sure a settlement offer is good enough, don’t rely on the workers’ compensation judge to make sure that you’re getting a fair deal. Although workers’ comp settlements must have judicial approval, judges will usually sign off on any agreement as long as it’s not obviously unfair. If you really want someone to get you the best settlement possible, call us.
  • Your medical issues prevent you from returning to your prior job, limit what you can do at work, or keep you from performing any work at all. If you’ve suffered permanent disability—whether partial or total—you may be entitled to weekly payments (or a single lump sum) to make up for your lost wages. These cases can be very expensive for insurance companies, and they’ll often stop at nothing to avoid paying you what you deserve. A knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney is essential in cases involving permanent injuries or illness.
  • You receive or plan to apply for Social Security disability benefits. If your settlement isn’t structured properly, your workers’ comp benefits could significantly lower Social Security disability payments. Our experienced attorneys understand how to draft your settlement agreement to minimize or eliminate this offset.
  • Your boss retaliates against you for filing a claim. If you have been fired, demoted, given less hours, had your pay reduced, or suffered any typed of discrimination following a workers’ comp claim, please contact us immediately to defend you.
  • You were injured because of a third party’s actions or your employer’s serious misconduct. The workers’ comp system was designed to prevent civil lawsuits for work-related injuries. However, you can sue outside workers’ comp in certain situations, including when someone other than your employer contributed to your injury (such as a negligent driver who hit you while you were driving for work), your employer doesn’t have workers’ comp insurance, or your employer intentionally caused your injury. Our experienced lawyers will be able to explain how the law applies to your situation.

This is why you need the services of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who specializes in the representation of injured workers to ensure that you’re treated justly and fairly. Our law team will help you get all the workers’ compensation benefits to which you’re entitled.

Our lawyers here at Costa Ivone, LLC, have comprehensive knowledge as well as substantial working experience with nearby North Chicago, Illinois worker’s compensation law. We have a team skilled in the regional Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board. Your case will be heard at the Appeals board, if it proceeds to trial. Our expert lawyers will help you handle the complicated procedure of filing a claim.

Our knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys can help you locate the best doctors, negotiate with employers and/or insurance companies, and represent you at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Costa Ivone, LLC in Plainfield, has the best attorneys with comprehensive knowledge as well as substantial working experience with workers’ compensation law.

You can concentrate on your recovery and allow our team of experts to handle the legal aspects. At the end of the procedure, we’ll work to have all costs paid that accrued while you were incapacitated.

Here at Costa Ivone, we are passionate about getting our clients the compensation they rightfully deserve.