Life has a way of causing accidents when you least expect them. Regardless of how they occur, accidents can have a devastating effect on people’s lives. Far too often, these injuries are the result of negligent or reckless acts of another person or business. Although you may be using caution, there is always the possibility that others around you are not. That is why knowing your options is essential. At Costa|Ivone, our  highly regarded attorneys have significant experience in handling all types of general negligence claims.

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Some common types of general negligence claims include:

  • Car Accidents
  • Premise Liability
  • Animal Attacks
  • Defective/Dangerous Products
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Wrongful Death
  • Burns

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Whether one is running a business, providing services, promoting products, or simply driving down the road, our actions involve a measure of responsibility. Sadly, many people in today’s world do not live up to the expectations of their position and cause serious damage and injuries to their victims. If you have been hurt because someone else was acting in negligence, you may have a negligence or personal injury case that you can choose to pursue. Here at Costal Ivone, LLC, we are passionate about fighting negligence and will walk you through all the necessary steps to help you win the compensation you deserve.

** The information displayed here is about legal issues and legal developments. Such material is for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current legal developments. This informational material is not intended, and should not be taken, as legal advice on any particular set of facts or circumstances. You should contact our office for advice on specific legal problems, as laws are constantly changing. **



Negligence is any time that someone who is supposed to be responsible does not follow through with their job. Listed below are a few different areas where people become the victims of negligence. If you have been affected by any of these unfortunate events, please contact our personal injury attorneys for a free consultation. We may be able to get your the compensation that your deserve.

Faulty Products

When you purchase a product, you have faith that it is going to work correctly; due to faulty parts or manufacturing, this is not always the case. Sometimes, people may discover that they are injured using a simple product such as a microwave, pizza oven, children’s toys, and even certain articles of clothing. In more serious cases, people have been known to obtain life-threatening or even fatal injuries when air bags do not deploy in vehicles, brakes malfunction, or heavy machinery does not work as predicted. When someone is injured due to faulty products or manufacturing, those in charge of designing the item acted in negligence.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors, dentists, and medical specialists have a vital role in our lives. While we can thank medical practitioners for helping us in many cases, there are some who do not take their responsibility seriously. Some people in the medical industry provide poor care by misdiagnosing conditions, providing unnecessary surgery or other procedures, misreading test results, prescribing the wrong medications, and releasing a patient too early. Hospitals and clinics may also be guilty of negligence if they did not provide you with adequate care during your stay. Medical practitioners are supposed to help, not cause harm. If you’ve been injured by someone in the medical field, you may be entitled to compensation through a negligence case.

Park Negligence

Going to spent time at an amusement park or attraction is always an exciting experience for individuals and their families. Sadly, some trips to parks turn tragic when someone experiences injuries due to negligence. When a company has a well-used attraction, it is important to keep all the machinery regularly inspected and maintained. Fun-filled things such as roller-coasters, sky-lifts, diving boards, and skiing equipment can turn dangerous quickly if not keep under a regular maintenance routine.

Caregiver Negligence

Our family members are some of the most important people in our lives. As the elderly become incapable of living alone, it is normal to find them a caregiver or move them into a nursing home. Sadly, caregivers can provide negligence by not keeping up with a proper feeding schedule, not providing medication, and not moving the loved one out of their bed. This negligence can result in serious injuries or death, which nursing home abuse lawyers can help represent and fight for you to get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Babysitter Negligence

When you hire someone to watch your children, you expect their focus to be entirely devoted to serving your precious kids. From fixing their food and changing their diapers to keeping them safe from danger, babysitting is a big responsibility. If you have hired a babysitter or have your child in daycare and they experience injury due to neglect, it’s time to take action.

Animal Attacks

When someone adopts an animal, they are agreeing to care for the pet and to be responsible for its actions. Sadly, in many cases, pet owners do not take this job seriously. Dogs that are not on leashes, wild cats, and other animals can quickly wreak havoc on a neighborhood. You may find yourself attacked by a vicious animal while walking down the street, spending time with your own pet in the park, or even relaxing in your back yard. Animal attacks can range from mild dog bites to deadly attacks, and irresponsible pet owners should not be tolerated.

Poor Construction

Building a house or structure is a huge job that requires precision and attention to details. Due to construction neglect, some structures are flimsy and unsafe. People get injured when part of the house collapses, they fall on uneven floors, or the building involves unhealthy materials such as asbestos. Someone can claim construction negligence if they are the homeowners who have been injured following work on their house, or a construction worker who was hurt on a job thanks to faulty equipment or the irresponsibility of another worker.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are often just that – accidents. However, in some cases, the party at fault caused the collision due to irresponsible driving. The other driver maybe distracted because they are tired, texting, driving under the influence, or were distracted, as is sometimes the case of Uber and Lyft rideshare accidents.

It is every driver’s duty to be on alert and paying attention to only their surroundings. If a driver acts outside of their responsibilities and causes a wreck, the victim may claim a negligence case. If you are looking for car or motor vehicle accident lawyers, contact us today.

Slip and Fall Accidents

When someone owns a piece of property or a business such as a store, restaurant, or activity center, they are expected to maintain adequate upkeep to ensure the safety of guests. Owners can keep their guests safe by warning them of dangerous situations and working to correct problems. If someone is injured because the property or business was not well-maintained, they may have the opportunity to sue for negligence. Slip and fall accidents can involve pot-holes, damaged walkways, wet floors, and torn carpet.

How to Fight


If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation. When you move forward with a negligence case, you will need to prove that you truly are the victim of another’s carelessness. To do this, you will need to show the court that the other party had a “duty of care” for you, meaning that they were responsible for your well-being. Once it has been established that the defendant owed you a certain level of responsibility, you will need to prove how they were lax in their performance of the necessary safety measures and that their carelessness resulted in your injuries.



If you’ve been injured in a case of negligence, you are entitled to certain compensation. The irresponsible party that caused your injuries is expected to help cover the cost of the damages. While the compensation for negligence varies on a case-by-case basis, it is generally enough to cover the following:

– Medical Bills. When you’ve been injured due to another’s negligence, you should receive enough money to cover any medical bills. These may include time spent in the hospital, doctor visits, specialists, and medical procedures. In some cases, mileage is included in the compensation.

– Lost Wages. Being injured often makes it impossible to work for a certain amount of time. If you’ve had to spend time away from work because of your injuries, you may be reimbursed to help cover your lost wages.

– Pain and Suffering. Enduring an injury due to negligence can take a serious toll on the victim’s emotional and physical well-being. Some negligence cases include compensation simply for the stress and inconvenience of the accident.

Costa Ivone, LLC is Fighting for Justice

Here at Costa Ivone, LLC, our team of lawyers is passionate about fighting negligence and keeping those who are supposed to be responsible accountable for their actions. Serving those in Chicago and the surrounding areas, we work to provide legal representation for anyone who has been the victim of negligence.

Over the years, we’ve seen many heartbreaking cases of negligence that could have been easily avoided. Rather than going light on those who are at fault, we believe in making them pay for their negligent behavior. Fighting negligence is the only way to ensure that people take responsibility for their actions in the future.

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As you can see, there are many different types of personal injury. Rather than simply limiting our law services to only one branch of negligence, we are prepared to step up and defend anyone who has been personally injured from negligence in any type of situation. Whether you’ve experience complications during a recent trip to the grocery store or from poor medical services, our Chicago, Illinois law firm is prepared to take on your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Death Due to Negligence

In some tragic cases, negligence is so severe that the victim does not survive. Deaths due to negligence can happen in any area and are frequent in cases that involve medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, animal attacks, and machinery malfunction. When you’ve lost a loved one due to personal injuries there is no way to ever make it right; however, fighting for compensation can help you move forward and prevent the victimization of other innocent individuals. If you’ve lost a loved one in a case of negligence, you can fight for compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost wages. At Costa Ivone, LLC, the members of our team are compassionate, and understand the emotions involving a death due to negligence. We will work with you to make sure that justice is served and that other families will not have to experience your pain.



Here at Costa Ivone, LLC, we know that a negligence-related injury is life-changing, and we believe that each victim deserves every penny of compensation available. We will examine your case and pinpoint all areas where you can pursue reimbursement for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other forms of compensation. Once we know what you are entitled, we will go up to bat for you, and fight for every penny you deserve. At Costa Ivone, LLC, we know that the road to recovery can be long and we want to help you get started on reclaiming your life.



At Costa Ivone, LLC, our team of lawyers is passionate about seeking justice for personal injury victims. Rather than treating all cases the same, we recognize the need for a personalized approach. We will view your case as unique and will fight for you with legal tools catered to your specific needs. Our lawyers will work with you to help you gather evidence, prove that you are a victim of negligence, and receive the compensation that you deserve.

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When you experience an injury due to negligence, it can seem like you are all alone. You may feel like you are the only person who has gone through a similar experience. Thanks to the underhanded tricks of some insurance companies and businesses, you may be made to feel like the accident was your fault. Stop listening to lies and start pursing justice. Our law firm will help you understand your case and will walk alongside you through this process. We will explain the ways that the insurance company is lying to you and step up to talk to them for you. With Costa Ivone, LLC on your side, you will never again have to feel alone.

Healing takes time and it can be hard to get past injuries. When you team up with the law firm of Costa Ivone, LLC, you can leave all the hard and confusing legal work to our personal injury lawyers while you focus on what’s most important – getting well.

If you’re the victim of negligence, don’t wait to seek justice. Contact our Chicago, Illinois office today and set up a free consultation. During our consultation, we will listen to your story, and then help you understand the steps necessary to receive compensation. If you choose not to pursue legal action, the consultation is our free service to you – if you decide to let us work with your case, we will get started immediately.

Every individual has the right to a life of safety where those in positions of responsibility are held accountable for their actions. If you are a victim of personal injury due to the negligence of someone else, it’s time to step forward and team up with a law firm that can help. Contact us immediately and set up your free consultation.

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