Schools In Waukegan, Illinois

If you’re looking for educational opportunities for your child in Waukegan, there are plenty. Right from primary schools to high schools, you wouldn’t have any problem finding the right learning institution for your child.

The district consists of 15 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, one high school, one kindergarten center, one pre-kindergarten site, and one alternative education center.

Early Learning:

Preschool is not, as many believe, merely a modicum of gaining literacy and basic math skills. The children learn social skills, they learn how to be independent, to do things for themselves and how to behave in different situations. Early schooling is what makes the first impressions and affect how the child grows as an adult. The early learning system and Waukegan information aims to make kids into responsible citizens of tomorrow and shape the community.

Education begins at Waukegan’s pre-schools, which are as follows:

  • EPIC Academy Preschool, which stands for Early Childhood Partners In Collaboration
  • North Shore Preschool, which moulds the children into model citizens from an early age.
  • Shiloh Preschool, who believe in changing the world, one child at a time.

Elementary Schools in Waukegan

You have a good number of elementary schools to choose from.  Most of the elementary schools focus on the overall development of the child, ensuring that you have a child who doesn’t just know what’s good for them but for the world too. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us at for some references of local executives and educational material.

Some of the notable elementary schools in Waukegan are below.

  1. Carman-Buckner Elementary School, known to bring in a sense of togetherness among the students.
  2. Andrew Cooke Magnet School, which is especially dedicated to the fine arts and science. There is high competition and requirements for getting into this school.
  3. John S. Clark Elementary School, which helps students focus to a changing world. They work towards making their students the shakers and movers of tomorrow.
  4. Glen Flora Elementary School, preparing all students for a technological changing world, which, as many agree, is the need of the hour with the constantly changing and redeveloping world.
  5. Clearview Elementary School, with a focus on excellence. They aim for an all round development of the child in all areas of development, namely, academic, social, physical and artistic.

Middle Schools in Waukegan

Middle schools are what make and shape an individual, and you know that you need good teachers to help you. Luckily, there are a good number of middle schools in Waukegan, offering the education you need for your child. While they may seem to be less in number, the schools re more than enough to cater to the needs of the community, with a good teacher to student ratio.

Here are some of the better ones you can send your child to.

  1. Robert Abbott Middle School, whose mission statement is to “provide the community with a holistic academic environment that respects individual growth to engage all learners.”
  2. Miguel Juarez Middle School, formerly known as the East Middle School, the home of the white tigers. They have a diverse student population.
  3. Daniel Webster Middle School, which makes “guiding students to their bright futures.” its primary goal and also helps in their all round development.
  4. Jack Benny Middle School, the namesake for Waukegan native and comedian Jack Benny, boasts of being a model school of excellence.
  5. Thomas Jefferson Middle School, home of the jaguars, where all jaguars are college bound!

High School:

The high school education system of the district comprises of a single school, named after the city, and is housed in two campuses, the Washington Campus or the East Campus, and the Brookside Campus or the West Campus.

The Waukegan High School’s official colours are green, purple and gold.

The split in the school into the east and west campus led to the taking of the Bulldog mascot by the east campus and the raiders by the west. When the schools later merged, the raider bulldog became their official mascot.

Alternative Learning:

Alternative Optional Education Center, under the Waukegan High School, is also a good option should you not want to send your child to one of the conventional sources of learning.