Things To Do In Markham, Illinois

Markham is a quaint small town in Illinois that offers its people and visitors alike a lot of diversity. The people in this town are friendly and will make you feel like one of them and like you belong within no time. If you are looking for things to do in Markham, you do not have to worry because there is plenty. There are many places to visit and explore, and a lot of activities to take part in that will keep you occupied for as long as you are in Markham, Illinois. Some of the things to do in Markham, Illinois are;

Visit the libraries

If you love reading, visit any one of the many libraries and reading rooms in Markham. The libraries have wide selection of books with different genres that range from thrillers, memoirs, contemporary, poetry, fiction, children’s books and many others. If you choose to watch a video instead of reading a book, you can also do that. One of the most popular libraries where you can read, watch and make friends is Markham Public Library.

Visit a museum

Museums are fun places to visit for things to see and do. It is fun for both the children and adults. Museums in Markham have a lot to offer in forms of history and art. You can learn many things about Markham and Illinois as a whole in the early years, among many other things. Some of the best museums to visit while here are; Balzekas Museum, Oakview Recreation Centre and Museum and Dusable Museum of African-American History.

Recreation parks

If you want a relaxing or play time with friends or family, visit the many parks that Markham has to offer. The options are very many but the most important thing is that all the parks you visit are well maintained and offer enough security for all the visitors. You can enjoy anything form trails, rides, walks, and water sports among many other activities. Some of these places are evergreen Aqua Park, Lake Country Fairgrounds, Haunted Trails Family Amusement Park and many others.


As small as the town is when it comes to dining out, it offers the feel of a big city. The town has a variety of restaurants that will make your dining experience worthwhile. You can enjoy anything from local foods to international cuisine all served to you by friendly and professional staff. Majority of the restaurants are family owned and have great ambience and beautiful décor. Some of the best eateries and bars where you can rewind after a long day exploring Markham are Interlude Casbar, Arnies Idle Hour, Popeye Famous Chicken, Alpha Gyros and many others.


Go bowling at Tri City Lanes and have an experience of a lifetime. You can also visit Oak Forest Bowl and check all the other bowling places in the Markham Illinois Bowling directory to have maximum fun


If you love arts, then Markham has a number of art galleries to visit. The art which combines both modern and traditional art will leave you asking for more. Some of the places to find great art are Bradford Hickman gallery, Klubb Karma if you are into artistry vibes.