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Costa Ivone's Record Successful of Restitution

Ever since its founding, Costa Ivone has strived to serve its clients and get them the restitution that they deserve. Over $15 million was recovered throughout 2019, $16.8 million was recovered in 2020, followed by $17.3 million in 2021, and 2022 took an even faster pace hitting $26.7 million.

Our lawyers believe in a client-first approach that combines ethics, morals, and, of course, justice.

Founding attorney Anthony Ivone was selected as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers magazine. Fellow founder Julio Costa has recovered over $50 million for his injured clients in the last five years alone. Both Anthony and Julio were named on NTLA’s 40 under 40 list from 2015 to 2023, alongside their team there is nothing this firm can’t achieve.

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Our Promise

Many law firms make bold claims in order to attract clients. The difference between a claim and a promise is that you actually follow through on the latter. Here are our promises to every client who chooses Costa Ivone:

Full Access

Our clients will be able to talk to their lawyers throughout every step of the process so that they can get answers to their questions or voice their concerns.


We’ll allocate the necessary resources to your case, ensuring that you have the best chances of getting a fair recovery.

Whenever a new development occurs in your case, our lawyers will promptly update you so that you’re the first to know.

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In client settlements.



In client settlements.

Our Approach

While we do take pride in the amount of money that we’ve recovered for our clients, the fact that most of our clients come in through referrals is something we’re even more proud of. This tells us that we have the satisfaction of past clients and the respect of fellow attorneys.

Ultimately, having people referred to us on a daily basis reassures us that our hard work striving to be the best version of our firm has paid off. We attribute a big part of this to the fact that most personal injury claims are handled through a contingency fee arrangement.

This ensures that everyone will get a fair chance in the courtroom regardless of their financial profile rather than being robbed of restitution because litigation costs are out of their reach. We only charge an attorney’s fee if we actually get a recovery.

In the event that no recovery is secured, the services we’ve provided are totally free. This approach isn’t the most practical — at least in the context of our bottom line — but we’d rather help our clients than maximize profit margins.