Geography – Location, Streets, Parks And Landmarks Of Addison, Illinois

Location of Addison:

Lying in the west of the Chicago, Metropolitan Area, in the state of Illinois, Addison is a village that was initially called Dunkley’s Grove and was then renamed after a town in England. Addison is spread over a total area of 9.98 square miles, of which water bodies occupy 0.21 square miles and the remaining (9.77 square miles) consists of land.

Parks and entertainment:

There are parks in Addison where both children and adults can have unlimited fun and make memorable memories for a lifetime.

K1 Speed Addison is the most popular go karting arena. It is located at 2381, W Army Trail Road, Addison, Illinois 60101-1449. If you think it is just a tiny arena then you need to think again. The tracks are clean, the area is huge and the cars are well-maintained, smooth and faster than you think. Although an electric go karting arena, the cars have a good torque of the traditional gasoline ones and the prices are very reasonable as well. If you are thinking about where to head in Addison, for some speed and thrill, then K1 Speed Addison is the answer that you have been looking out for.

Lazer X of Addison, at 1455, W Lake Street, Addison, Illinois 60101-6705 is another important and popular game and entertainment centre in the otherwise quiet town of Addison. Given the small population of this place, it still is impressive when it comes to parks and amusement centres for the residents and visitors as well as organizing fun-filled events throughout the year. Lazer X is one of the best indoor games activity area out here and it also has a well-designed maze that is enjoyed by both the children and adults.

A cinema in a small town is definitely a must, so when it comes to entertainment, the Marcus Addison Cinema had to be here on this list. Families and friends visit here often to catch up with the latest movie release and the well-maintained food station and bar will ensure you leave with a happy stomach!

These three are the major entertainment centres where people hang out to have fun and bond. However, there are popular restaurants like Charleys Tavern in Cheekyslag Avenue, Dilligaf’s located at E Lorraine Avenue and Blue Line Bar and Grill at S Grace Street where you get excellent food at reasonable prices and they are safe areas to hang out with friends and families.

Given that fact that Addison, in the state of Illinois, is a village, it still has managed to establish and maintain a good number of parks, recreation centres, Addison government centers, and restaurants.

Important Landmarks and Streets of Addison:

The Addison Library, located at 4, Friendship Plaza, is one of the most popular landmarks. With different genres of books for people of different ages, it has something for everyone. It also hosts different events throughout the year for its members and visitors as well.

The Village Hall Grounds is another important landmark where most of the residents and visitors gather for social parties. It is located at 1, Friendship Plaza that lies close to the intersection of Kennedy Drive and Lake Street. Several popular festivals like the Fall Fest in October, Rock ’N Wheels in the summer and Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in December are held for the people to gather and celebrate and have lots of fun. It is also a good opportunity to meet others and socialize.

Another important landmark is the 18th Judicial Circuit Court that is situated within the Addison Police Department. This court handles most of the DUI, traffic and criminal cases of people living in Addison. For more information, contact our attorneys at Costa Ivone, LLC.

The Chamberlain College Of Nursing is another important landmark of Addison. Located at 1221, North Swift Road, Addison, 60101, it is a well maintained campus where local students as well as those from other towns and villages come to earn their valuable degrees. The building looks new and impeccable with freshly mowed lawns that makes it an important landmark in the small town.

Addison is not a huge city and that is why, it has a limited number of landmarks and entertainment centers, but, the authorities and local residents ensure that they maintain whatever they do have, to the best of their capabilities.