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Take on the challenges of a truck injury with a legal team that understands the complexities—securing substantial results for your recovery.

Semi-trucks are large and heavy machines. When they’re involved in an accident, the consequences are usually serious, and can even be fatal. These cases are often very complicated because there are multiple parties or vehicles involved. An experienced lawyer can help untangle the mess and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. It is important to choose a legal expert in this particular field so look for lawyers who have handled truck accidents before.

Types of Truck Accidents in Chicago

There are several types of truck collisions that can occur. Each of these crashes can happen for different reasons and can cause severe injuries for everyone involved. Common tractor-trailer collisions include:


Jackknife incidents occur when weather conditions are icy and a truck’s trailer slides out from behind the vehicle. Sadly, when a semi’s trailer comes off a truck, it can potentially crush passenger vehicles nearby.


T-Bone collisions often happen when a trucker runs a red light or stop sign and hits a passenger vehicle on its side.


Rollover crashes occur when a tractor-trailer flips and ends up on its roof. These collisions are likely to take place when a trucker is driving too quickly.

A knowledgeable attorney in Chicago could review the circumstances of a truck crash case and determine who was responsible for causing the incident.

What To Do Immediately After The Accident?

This can be a confusing and distressing time for everyone involved. Many people who are involved in such an accident don’t know what to do and how to get help. Here are some tips that can help:

  • If you’re not seriously injured and able to move, get as far away from the truck as possible and call in the authorities. It’s a good idea to not leave the accident site.
  • Seek medical aid immediately after the accident. Your health should always be your first priority.
  • Once you are sufficiently healed, contact an experienced attorney immediately. Look for the lawyer online or rely on recommendations from friends and family only. Don’t take recommendations from strangers or ambulance chasers.

It is important to contact the lawyers as soon as possible because they need to collect evidence. The sooner that process starts, the better.

What Can a Lawyer Do For You?

Most people don’t know what a personal injury lawyer does and what the true extent of their responsibilities is. Here are some facts that will give you a clear idea of what to expect from these professionals:

  • Free First Consultations – Lawyers will typically offer a free initial consultation. It is a good idea to get all of your facts straight and makes sure you have all details noted down. You will need to keep a medical file ready as well ensure the lawyers understand the full extent of the damage. This helps save time and money in lawyer fees.
  • Collecting Evidence – The legal experts will then collect evidence by getting incident reports, speaking with eye-witnesses, looking for CCTV camera images, and considering other such factors. This is an essential aspect of handling the case because without evidence, there’s little chance of getting compensation.
  • Building the Case – Once the lawyers have all the information they need, they’ll start building the case. This requires an in-depth knowledge of local laws and the most recent cases in the same category. Without this prior experience and knowledge, they won’t be able to handle semi-truck accident cases well.
  • Negotiations – This is the true test of the lawyer’s skill and commitment. Most personal injury cases end up being settled outside of court. This ensures the case is resolved quickly and the expenses are lower. You can only reach such a settlement if your lawyer has good negotiations skills.
  • Arguing in Court – Some cases can’t be settled out of court and must be settled in front of the judge. Many lawyers will hesitate to take the case to court, even if it would benefit the client. You need to avoid such lawyers and hire someone who will fight in court if needed.

A good lawyer will handle all aspects of the semi-truck accident case from investigation to filing the final paperwork. Their fees are usually deducted from the compensation so you won’t have to pay much up-front either.

If you’ve been involved in semi-truck accident, don’t speak to any company or representative of the trucking company without the presence of your lawyer. That can help you get the best compensation down the line. Contact Costa Ivone Chicago law office, today.



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