Government Buildings In Chicago Heights, Illinois

Chicago Heights is an Illinois city with around 30,000 residents. Informally, the cit is called “The Heights.” The Illinois destination is very interesting, and it has a lot of fun things for visitors and residents to do. In addition to parks and other forms of amusement, Chicago Heights also has some fascinating buildings owned by the government. Through these architectural marvels, the local and federal government offers its services to the city’s residents.

1. Chicago Heights City Hall

The City Hall is located along 1601 Chicago Road, Chicago Heights, IL 60411. The building houses the mayor, and is the venue of many public officials. The Chicago Heights city council meets in this building as well. Although the services this building offers go back many decades including similar ones to Costa Ivone, the building itself features a modern design.

The architectural marvel sits comfortably on a spacious compound with charming landscape features, making it quite welcoming to visitors. The City Hal is not a high rise building, and the use of color contrast, bold modern designs and simple elegant layout makes it an interesting architectural accomplishment, and clearly a fitting tribute to this modern Illinois city.

2. Chicago Heights Public Improvement

The Chicago Heights Public Improvement is a government building located along 1914 S Halsted Street IL 60411. The building does not feature a modern design like the City Hall and some other government buildings in this city.

3. Bloom High School

Bloom High School is a leading public school in Chicago Heights located on 101 W 10th Street, Chicago Heights, IL 60411. The learning institution is a modern building with many floors to house many school kids who pass through it every year in their pursuit of a high school education. The high school is a unique architectural accomplishment with an iconic design that makes it a landmark in the city.

Although located in a seemingly laid back landscape, the school’s modernized design blends in perfectly with the surroundings. The building is intuitively designed to take up less space while also offering a lot of space where students can learn and engage in extra curricular activities. Not surprisingly, Bloom High School is one of the most notable architectural features in its vicinity.

4. The Chicago Heights Free Public Library

The Chicago Heights Free Public Library is located on 25 W 15th Street, IL 60411. The current building was set up to replace a library initially set up with the help of Carnegie in the early 1900’s. Although the library building features a classic architectural look, it is very modernized in many ways.

Visitors can even download audio and e-books, and do research about local schools in addition to getting resources like tax forms. Otherwise, it rises many floors to give the area a unique and intriguing look which has become one of the city’s proudest landmarks. The current building was set up when the previous installation could not cater to the needs of the local residents.


There is plenty to do and see in Chicago Heights. Even the government buildings in this Illinois city are an interesting way to learn about the city’s history. Some of the government buildings in the city include the City Hall, the Bloom High School, the Chicago Heights Free Public Library, and even the Chicago Heights Public Improvement Building.