Some Info On Waukegan, Illinois

Geographical Overview:

Waukegan, a sprawling city in Illinois, USA, is the county seat of Lake County, and a part of the Chicago Metropolitan Area. It is located at a distance of 64 km from the state capital of Illinois, Chicago.

It is a lakeside city, which was one of the main reasons for Waukegan’s early settlers, being located on the shores of one of the great lakes, Lake Michigan.

The exact geographical location of Waukegan is at 42°22′13″N 87°52′16″W.

Waukegan occupies an impressive 61.85 km2 of land area, and is well developed whilst still remaining environment friendly and cemented to its roots.


The shoreline along Lake Michigan is set to be upgraded according to the lakefront and harbor plan for the shore. The city has plans for redevelopment of the lakefront. The plan seeks to eke out all industrial activity from the shoreline and instead replace it with sustainable residential, recreational and environment friendly activities.

These new developments seek to be eco friendly while enabling to financially help out the city and its tax policy.

The city has been successful in attracting pioneers to further the development of the city and create job opportunities. There have been several restaurant inaugurations and renovations in the city. The city has become home to several new shopping centres and centres of entertainment.

The city’s annual “Scoop the Loop” festival, started in 1998, has since gained popularity and become a monthly event during the summer months. Due to popular demand, it is now called “Scoop Unplugged”.

Streets and the City

Downtown Waukegan is the heart of urban Lake County. Costa Ivone is now offering our services throughout this area. It is home to several up and coming eateries, commercial complexes and historical landmarks such as the Waukegan Public Library, the College of Lake County, the Lake County Courthouse and many more facilities unique to this city.

The William D. Block Memorial Law Library is the serving court to the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Lake County, Illinois.

It is named after William D. Block, who was a Judge here from 1975 to 1996.

Famous Events:

ArtWauk (ArtWalk) happens every third Saturday in Downtown Waukegan, specifically in the Waukegan Arts District. It features the work of local and visiting artists who display everything from paintings and sculptures to music and dance on the streets. This is a very popular festival that attracts spectators, artists and scouters alike.

Chicago Latino Film Festival

  • Fiestas Patrias Parade and Festival

The Fiestas Patrias Parade and Festival in Downtown Waukegan celebrates the independence and freedom of the many residents and locals from the Hispanic countries. All communities get together to support and cheer on the participants in the festival, showing the bonding and community feeling that is present in Waukegan.


Waukegan is your place if you love watching movies, going to concerts and appreciating art – all without losing the small town flavour. Here is a look at few of the things that you can do in the city.

  • Genesee Theatre, a movie viewing area and a concert hall. It is a massive structure which can hold around 2,500 people. It has historical importance as it was built in 1927. It has seen performances of hundreds of stars and artists over the years.
  • Lake County Sports Center
  • Waukegan History Museum
  • Ray Bradbury sites
  • Waukegan Harbor:

It is a hub for recreational water sports and services.

  • The Lake County McClory Recreational Trail runs through Waukegan. It is a strictly non motorized route.

Parks and Important Sites:

The pubic services of Waukegan are available to all. Bowen Park is located in Waukegan, Illinois on Sheridan Road. It houses a deep ravine and a forest of botanical importance.

Naval Station Great Lakes (NAVSTA Great Lakes) is the United States Navy’s one and only boot camp. It is also the second largest military station in Illinois and the largest training station in the Navy.

Waukegan Building:

  • The Waukegan Building was the city’s first skyscraper, built in 1925.

With a good 188 sunny days on average in Waukegan, you do have a great place to live in – and you have a lot to do when you’ve time, making family time better and sweeter.