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Dalia Martinez



Dalia holds the position of COO and is responsible for keeping the firm on track with its organizational strategy and identifying potential areas of improvement. Additionally, as the firm’s Human Resources representative, Dalia serves as the liaison between management and works tirelessly to create policies that contribute to the firm’s positive work culture. With a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a decade of experience in the area of Human Resources and Management, Dalia has developed a keen eye for improving organizational infrastructure. She possesses strong personal and professional judgment, which serve as invaluable skills for talent management and problem-solving. Her organizational skills and adaptability enable her to successfully multi-task between a variety of projects and thrive within any work environment.

Her favorite activity is the daily conversations with her teenage boys where they explore life and current world topics. Professionals and authors she admires are George Orwell, Jordan Peterson, Jose Garcia Marquez, Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie, Maria Felix, Juana Ines de la Cruz, J.K. Rowling, and Ricardo Salinas Pliego.