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When you are prescribed a medicine, you have a reasonable expectation that it will help you feel better, not worse. While many medications have known side effects that you may have been warned of, unexpected and dangerous effects of a medication can leave you injured and in pain. These dangerous drugs can also lead to permanent harm, high financial costs, and the possibility of unexpected death.

Learn more about your rights with the help of a qualified Chicago dangerous drugs lawyer. A skilled injury attorney could help you file a claim and fight for the potential compensation you are owed.

Dangerous Drugs and Side Effects in Chicago

Many medications come with known side effects. This is expected in many circumstances because the patient is properly warned both by the label and their prescriber. However, when a drug is dangerous, it either fails to warn the user of known defects, or it brings unknown side effects that would have been discoverable if the manufacturer had not been negligent.

Many patients experience severe side effects as the result of a dangerous drug. These might include:

  • Skin conditions
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Uncontrollable bleeding or bruising
  • Organ damage
  • Cancer

In severe instances, using dangerous medications could even cause death. If a plaintiff believes they are suffering from any of these or other unexpected, adverse side effects from a dangerous medication, they should speak with a knowledgeable attorney in Chicago as soon as possible.

Can Pharmaceutical Companies be Held Liable for their Negligence?

Pharmaceutical companies are expected to put reasonably safe products on the market. Medications should be properly researched, and the data from any clinical studies should accurately reflect their findings. However, companies sometimes minimize or hide the dangers of their drug for profit. If a patient has been injured by a pharmaceutical company’s desire to profit, they may have a strong basis for an injury claim.

Medication manufacturers may act negligently in variety of ways, including:

  • Failing to warn about known side effects
  • Falsifying clinical data
  • Unsafely designing medication
  • Dangerous or unclean manufacturing conditions
  • Leaving defects in medication design
  • Intentionally misrepresenting medication safety

Any of these types of negligence and more may warrant a dangerous drug lawsuit against the drug manufacturer. Contrary to what many believe, a recall of a drug is not required for a drug lawsuit to be successful. However, a plaintiff might have a better chance at a successful dangerous medication claim with the assistance of a skilled Chicago lawyer.

Winning Compensation in Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

Financial compensation may be awarded according to the plaintiff’s proven harms. This compensation could come in several forms based upon the plaintiff’s damages. For instance, economic damages help compensate for losses such as lost income, medical expenses, and rehabilitation costs.

Non-economic damages compensate for less articulable costs, including the cost of pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or the grief caused by a loved one’s wrongful death. Although typically not subject to a definite number, non-economic damages could potentially make up a large portion of a damage award with the help of an experienced local lawyer.

Let a Chicago Dangerous Drug Attorney Pursue Compensation for You

A successfully proven case may warrant a large settlement or jury award. However, pursuing this compensation requires hard work and the knowledge of a skilled attorney. You are not required to fight the battle for recovery alone.

Partner with us, your trusted Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

If you have been injured and believe that someone else was to blame, do not try to reach a settlement on your own. You need an advocate who could stand up to defense lawyers and insurance companies, and not be intimidated into accepting an inadequate settlement.

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