Top 4 Parks In Markham, Illinois

Markham is a small getaway suburban city located to the southern end of Lake Michigan. This City is rich in culture since it has a culturally diverse population. The Markham city is a good place to enjoy personal or family time. There are a lot of entertainment centers, shopping malls, and restaurants. Whether you live in Markham or you are visiting, you will find many attractive public places. The parks here are well maintained and offer facilities such as washrooms, playgrounds for kids as well as courts for adult games. Here are the best parks in Markham.

1. Markham Park District
This is a public park located off the Richmond Avenue. The park is popular among sports enthusiasts because of its top-class facilities. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can join many people who train in the park. The park is also used as a camping site. Mostly, the park is a host to teams and high school children during weekdays. The weekends are a lot more busy with families flocking to the grounds. You can choose to just relax in the park and watch the various events that take place here or participate in the events.

2. Homewood Flossmoor Park District
What stands out about this park is the friendly nature of the people, similar to Costa Ivone. You will mostly find people, either individuals or families, resting in the park during day hours. During the early morning, more people jog around this park before they start of their day. Generally, it is a place to get in touch with nature. You also get to enjoy social amenities such as washrooms and bathrooms. On the plus side, the park is organized with signs showing directions all over. It is also very clean and well maintained throughout the year. There are usually good programmes for all age groups- making it good for families. However, there are not many people here on weekdays.

3.Otter Cove Aquatic Park
This is not a public park but it is open to anyone who wishes to spend quality time. The park usually opens at noon to 8.00pm on weekdays. On weekends, they close around 7.00pm. There are plenty of activities you can do here including swimming, picnicking, children playing on water slides among others. The place is usually busy during weekends. There are sections for dining where you can enjoy a family dinner with your kids after a busy day of fun.

4.Oasis Fun Center
This is a fun center operated under the Nies Park District. This is the perfect place to take your children for fun. There is a custom-made playground for kids which is well supervised. The kids must wear tight-fitting plastic pants when swimming. The fun center is home to a splash pad and offers plenty of spray buckets. While the children enjoy, you can also have your own relaxing time in the park. You can go swimming or play adult games to keep yourself busy. The park operates from 11.00 am to 6.00pm on weekdays and closes at 7.00 on weekends.

If you are looking for a park where you can have some quality fun time, try any of the above parks. All the parks here are five stars rated and keep on updating their facilities.