Waukegan, Illinois Public Services

Public Services

Wondering how the public services of Waukegan are? Waukegan, like any other developed urban community, offers you just about all that you need in your daily life – from a fire department to a court.

The local government of Waukegan, along with the people’s representatives run a system of public services and offices designed for the convenience, comfort and safety of the people of the city.


The police department comprises of 148 sworn police officers with a common goal – “to create and maintain a safe, secure environment for all citizens and diminish the Waukegan crime rate throughout the city.”

Their physical office is located at West Street.

  • They currently have two police stations, the Lake County Sheriffs Office on Martin Luther King Jr Avenue, and the Waukegan Police Department at RV Sabonjian Place.
  • The Administrative Division has the physical offices where the heads of the police sit. These are the office of the Chief and Deputy Chiefs of Police.
  • You have an active and vigilant group of officers, whose recent investigations include the murder of Ciera Q. Davis, the shooting at a city concert and the hit and run which killed Jose J. Diaz.

The department is also active in several non law enforcement activities, most recently Beacon Place’s 4th Annual Community Walk-a-Thon, and Scoop Waukegan.


The city of Waukegan has a City Hall, which houses several departments and boards, together work for the welfare and benefit of people in various fields and areas. Feel free to contact us for more info on government and legal services.

The major departments under the City Hall are:

  • Block Grant Department, responsible for the provision of financial assistance to various owners of real estate.
  • Building Department, issues permits, reviews and inspects the condition of various buildings for multiple purposes.
  • Planning and Zoning Department, which controls the three major areas of long range planning, strategic planning, and land use control.
  • City Administration, which comprises of the elected mayor and aldermen. The mayor serves as the chief executive officer.
  • Engineering Division, which works at McAree Road, regulates grant administration and the local Capital Improvement Program.

There is also the Public Works Department, which ensures the well running of public services and commonly used amenities of the city. The subdivisions under this department are:

  • Street Department, which maintains common roads, streets and pathways for the general public.
  • Forestry Department, responsible for the care and nurturing of the foliage and greenery in the city.
  • Electrical Department, which runs and takes care of all public and state run lights and electricity run services.


With its administrative offices located at Belvidere Street, it is responsible for the care, security and safety of its citizens and handles emergency as well as non emergency services.

There are multiple fire stations in Waukegan- currently the number stands at 5 – at strategic locations to effectively reach all emergencies in the least possible time with minimal loss of life and property. It functions as a life safety response provider in the city of Waukegan.


The judiciary of Waukegan is under the Nineteenth Juidicial Circuit, which has four subdivisions, each led by a judge. The subdivisions under the judiciary are civil, family, felony and traffic subdivision.

The facilities and branches under Waukegan’s legal system and offices are located at:

  1. Lake County Courthouse
  2. North Branch Court, at Round Lake Beach
  3. The Adult Probation & Psychological Services
    4. Park City Branch Court, at Park City
  4. Juvenile Probation Detention Services, at Vernon Hills
  5. Lake County Arbitration Center
  6. Mundelein Branch Court, at Mundelein
  7. Babcox Justice Complex

The public services of Waukegan are well run with a group of responsible officers.

The collaboration and cooperation of all the departments and officials together is what makes Waukegan city the well established, urban growing city that it is today.