Workers Compensation Law In Elgin, IL

The process from which the employees receive workers compensation insurance, in the state of Illinois is a very rigorous one. The employers have to purchase this insurance for their employees. In the case of a dispute, the IWCC is going to be the one defending the worker`s rights since it enforces the state`s worker`s compensation laws.

Procedure in Elgin, Illinois

As not many know how to file such a claim, there is a very accessible way of doing it that everyone can approach. A very important thing is to TALK TO YOUR EMPLOYER.

Being injured at work is not something that the employee should deal by himself at all. When such incidents happen, Elgin employees should notify the employer as soon as possible. If such a document is not drafted within 45 days, there is the risk of losing all the rights of collecting the benefits. If you need help with this, contact us. In the case of exposure to radiation, there are 90 days that the employee has to notify his employer.

The IWCC recommends filling a wrote notice in order to ensure the registration of your notification.
There is also the possibility of hiring an attorney but this is purely optional. Although, the IWCC recommends that the employers and employees hire attorneys when dealing with contested cases. This can easily help facilitating settlement, requiring formal hearings and so on.

In your favor

There are several important benefits that, as an employee, you should be aware of. These include the following: temporary, total or partial disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, medical care required to treat or relieve the impact of the injury sustained by the individual. These benefits listed above are NOT taxable.

Another important matter that Elgin employees should be aware of is the fact that temporary disability benefits ARE PAID up to 66% of the individual`s weekly wage, in some case the state being able to set a maximum above the initial sum, depending on the injury sustained.

This year, on January 15, the highest sum that the benefit had on record was 1,435.17$/week.
As for the temporary and permanent disability of the individual, temporary disability benefits are paid once three working days missed by the employee with the exception of the case when more than 14 days of work are missed; in that case, the first 3 work days of lost wage are going to be paid as well.

The permanent disability benefits such as from Elgin accidents can be obtained in a quiet similar way by looking at the ‘’schedule of injuries’’ which list the number of weeks the person employee is entitled to. If the respective person has been also disfigured, 162 weeks of benefits, summing 60% of the average of the weekly wages, can be obtained.

Workers Compensation- a must?

Yes, the worker`s compensation should be a must for both the employee and employer since accidents can happen at any moment. The procedure is fairly easy to follow and the benefits of completing it are not to be neglected. Every employed citizen of Elgin should have a working compensation filled in since, in fact, it is about their safety.


In Elgin, Illinois the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission is being located at DuPage County Government Ctr. 421 N. County Farm Road I-500A, JTK Building.