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October 7, 2022
Written by: Anthony Ivone
Common Errors to Avoid When Filing a Workers Compensation Claim
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An employee taking leave due to injury is stressful for both the employer and worker. The employer is losing a valuable asset to the company, and the employee is losing time at work.

Thankfully, for employees, the worker’s compensation program can help during these challenging times. The system serves to cover work injuries, but it is not without its nuances. There are some important things to understand about worker’s compensation, including what not to do. This article will provide insight into the most common errors that need to be avoided when filing a workers’ compensation claim.

What Is Workers Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is insurance that has cash benefits and medical care for employees who become injured or ill because of their job. The employers pay for this insurance, and the employees are not required to contribute to the coverage. The governing body of the program is the Workers Compensation Board, a state agency that processes claims. No party is at fault in workers’ compensation cases; an employer or insurance carrier simply must agree that the injury is work-related.

Common Mistakes that Employees Make When Filing

The first common mistake that many employees make when pursuing worker’s compensation is not to not get a full report of the injury and accident. A workers’ compensation claim is rarely considered fraudulent, but workers should still make sure that their employer gathers all relevant facts surrounding the accident. This could mean discussing with a witness and even reviewing video footage. These actions, for instance, could help in the case and improve safety procedures in the company.

Another common mistake is procrastinating the claim filing process. Claim forms should be provided to employees within 24 hours of the worker reporting the accident. After receiving this form, a worker should be sure to stay on top of the process and not avoid filing any crucial paperwork.

In addition, ignoring state-specific submission requirements is a good example of another common error. Every state has specific needs and regulations when filing workers’ compensation claims. An injured worker should be sure to check those requirements first. Finally, the common last mistake that people make is forgetting to inquire about a return-to-work program. This option, when implemented by an employer, could help an injured worker integrate back into their job in a less intense capacity after their recovery, which helps keeps expectations fair.

Prevent These Mistakes by Working With our Attorneys

To prevent mistakes associated with filing for workers’ comp, make sure you and your employer review the settlement agreement before making anything official. In addition, it’s always a good idea to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure you will receive the highest compensation possible. Contact our office today to ensure you are getting the help you need.

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