April 7, 2017
Written by: Anthony Ivone
Expanding Services in Kane and Cook Counties
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Personal injury and workers’ compensation law office in Berwyn, now serving Aurora and Elgin, Illinois; Launches new website

We just announced that we’re opening up our services to Aurora, Illinois and Elgin, Illinois. The goal is to bring our celebrated personal injury legal services to the broader Kane and Cook Counties. We made the decision to expand after the sustained growth of our practice across the Chicagoland area.

We have seen our caseload increase steadily over the last few years. Clients have been finding us basically from everywhere in the Kane and Cook County regions. Opening up our services to a broader population was the logical choice.

Why are we growing? We think our growth is a testament to the way our team here at Costa Ivone, LLC works on behalf of our clients. We are ultra client-focused.  People need our help and they come to us. Our experience is that life tends to happen, often not the way you expect it to. Accidents happen. People get injured. There can be devastating consequences for individuals and their families. And, often, unfortunately, accidents and injuries are the result of someone’s negligence or recklessness.  It’s essential to know your rights and options in these situations. That is what we do.

Our mission in life is to advocate for injured workers and others who are entitled to compensation due to the negligence of others. These include cases for the most common causes of work injuries, including slip and fall accidents, dangerous or defective equipment, repetitive motion tasks, unsafe working conditions, car accidents, exposure to hazardous substances, fires and explosions, disfigurement and workplace violence.

You may ask, ‘Am I entitled to disability benefits?’ The answer is, always, ‘it depends,’ but our clients love us because we roll up our sleeves and do the hard work of figuring out exactly what you deserve and we don’t back off until we get you a settlement that’s just and fair. Remedies pursued on behalf of plaintiffs include Temporary Total Disability Benefits, Permanent Partial Disability Benefits, Wage Differential Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits, Permanent Total Disability Benefits, Survivors’ Benefits and Open Medical Benefits.

Our firm has seen its caseload increase steadily over the last few years. Clients have been finding us from all over the Kane and Cook County regions. Opening new avenues, such as enhancing our online status, to reach a broader demand, was the right choice.

For more information, call us at (708) 400-0000

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