April 22, 2020
Written by: Anthony Ivone
The Seriousness of Cycling Injuries Caused by Accidents
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As a bicycle owner, knowing the dangers of riding near vehicles is essential to staying safe. Cars, obstacles, and other bike riders pose great risks for those who choose to cycle around town. Today, we are going to look at the seriousness of injuries caused by bicycle injuries.

Types Of Bicycle Accidents

The first thing we are going to look at is the type of bicycle accidents that can occur. These can be classified into three different categories: left hook, right hook, and t-bone.

Left Hook

A left hook accident is the most common scenario for bicycle accidents. This occurs when a vehicle makes a left turn without seeing the cyclist in the oncoming lane. This will cause the car to either strike the cyclist or turn before the cyclist, causing them to run into the passenger side of the vehicle.

Right Hook

A right hook accident is going to be the second most common type of accident and is characterized by a vehicle striking a cyclist when making a right turn. This usually happens when a motorist passes a cyclist on the left and turns in front of them, either hitting the cyclist or the cyclist runs into the passenger side of the car.


A t-bone accident is a more impactful, and more dangerous accident. This is usually done at the fault of the cyclist as they usually fail to yield at a cross street and run into the side of a vehicle. This can be devastating to the cyclist as it often happens at full speed.

Common Bicycle Injuries

Bicycle injuries can vary from the smallest of bruises to more catastrophic injuries up to death. Some of the most common injuries are going to include head trauma, lacerations, bruising, and broken bones. These can be avoided by wearing protective gear and observing your surroundings. While obeying all bicycle laws, you will want to ride defensively to ensure you are staying alert for motorists who are not paying attention.

Safely Riding At Night

Night riding is one of the most dangerous times to ride, as motorists will have a harder time making our cyclists on the road. Bicycles are hard enough to see in the daylight, and adding the darkness of night to this can make it even harder. To stay safe, make sure that you wear protective gear and outfit your bike with reflective gear or lighting. Lights on your bike can help you become more noticeable and alert motorists of your presence.

Staying Alert

Last but not least, you will want to stay alert at all times. While it may be tempting to put your headphones in and hop on your bike, this can keep you from hearing important noises such as car honking or tire screeching. Staying alert to everything around you will keep you riding safer and help to prevent future accidents. You will also want to make sure that you are familiar with all of the local laws and limitations for a cyclist to ensure you are abiding by each cities bicycle laws.

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