August 2, 2018
Written by: Anthony Ivone
We’ve Moved to the West Loop!
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We just announced our move to the West Loop area of downtown Chicago. Why did we leave Berwyn? Don’t get us wrong. We love Berwyn. It’s just, we’ve been growing so much, the Berwyn office simply wasn’t big enough anymore. Also, the move places us closer to where many of our staff members live as well as to our clients.

We’re thrilled to be able to make this move. It’s a sign of how far we’ve come. Our team has done an outstanding job of building a practice that grows year over year, leading us to seek new space. We’ve added more attorneys to our roster, as well as paralegals and other key support staff. Everyone has a role to play in our continuing success.

Moving to a bigger office in the West Loop validates our totally client-oriented approach to personal injury and worker’s compensation. That may sound redundant. After all, aren’t all firms client-oriented? Well, you’d be surprised, unfortunately. Some personal injury and workers’ comp firms get cozy with insurance companies to the point where the interests of the client come second. That is not our way. Ever.

Our track record in this regard speaks for itself. We advocate for injured workers as well as for those who are entitled to compensation resulting from the negligence of others. Our caseload includes many common causes of work injuries, such as slip and fall accidents, dangerous or defective equipment, repetitive motion tasks, unsafe working conditions, car accidents, exposure to hazardous substances, fires and explosions and disfigurement.

Clients consistently praise us for thoroughness and diligence in getting them the benefits they deserve. Examples include cases like Temporary Total Disability Benefits, Permanent Partial Disability Benefits, Wage Differential Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits, Permanent Total Disability Benefits, Survivors’ Benefits and Open Medical Benefits.

Costa Ivone, LLC

311 N Aberdeen St – Suite 100B
Chicago, IL 60607

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  1. West Loop was a strong sellers market, with only a 2.6-month supply of homes. So far this year, we’ve seen that number increase to a 4.1-month supply and that, friends, is what we call a balanced market. Happy house hunting!

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