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March 2, 2020
Written by: Anthony Ivone
What To Do If You Suspect a Nursing Home Injury From Abuse
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1 in 14 of elder abuse cases is unreported in the United States. If, for any reason, you feel there is an imminent danger to your loved one. Call 911 immediately. The police may have to come out and assure the safety of any elders involved or at the very least file a report.

Most nursing homes provide quality service and should be of no concern, but if for whatever reason, you suspect there may be nursing home abuse going on. Here is how you should go about dealing with it:

Remain Calm

It can be hard to do when it’s your loved one involved. But you must remain calm and do your best to approach this rationally. Talking to staff about the care of your loved one and seeking insight. They are legally required to answer your questions regarding their care. If their answers are insufficient to your liking. You may file a report on them.

Read The Obvious Signs

Common signs of nursing home abuse that should not be disregarded are 1. Unexpected injuries 2. Unresponsiveness 3. Clearly poor hygiene 4. Sudden weight gain or weight loss 5. Drastic changes in behavior.

Talk To Your Loved One

You should talk to your loved one about their living situation, but keep in mind that they may not necessarily tell you if something is wrong. It is not uncommon for them not to speak up because they don’t want you to worry. Not wanting to rock the boat or having a sense of personal integrity to feel as if they should be able to handle themselves. Ideally, they will tell you, but they may not and you should be prepared for that.

Be A Visible Presence

Take part in the care of your loved one. Staff seeing you there, taking active participation in the care of your loved one. Keeping up with them and assuring your loved one is receiving the best care is a good way to assuage any concerns you have about them receiving anything less than they deserve.

Document All That You See

Talk to staff members, coherent patients, and any potential witnesses who may have seen something. Write down names, job titles, dates and what was said. Take pictures and videos of any wounds. Document everything. You may need it later to make a report to the police or other authorities.

Report To The Proper Authorities

If, after all of this, you still feel as if there is a concern for the care of your loved one, then use the information you’ve gathered to file a report against the nursing home. There are a variety of Elderly Protection Services by state.

If you or a loved are victims in need of nursing home abuse lawyers, contact Costa Ivone for a free consultation and to know if you have a case.

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