October 11, 2022
Written by: Anthony Ivone
Why do Some Insurance Companies Deny Workers’ Compensation Claims?
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Liability for injuries sustained in the workplace could fall on a few different parties or people. Accidents could result from an unsafe working environment or the failure of an employee to follow safety procedures. When liability is not clearly established, some insurance companies may deny a worker’s compensation claim. However, issues with accident liability are not the only reason why an insurance corporation might deny a worker’s comp request. Our legal team has experience with these cases and, if your claim was rejected, they could help you figure out why.

Strategies That Insurance Companies Use to Justify Denying Claims

Insurance companies usually want to ensure that a policy holder is not liable for a work injury, so they will likely try to avoid paying the injured party the money they deserve. First, an insurance agent will request a video or audio recording of your statement because they want to protect their company. Giving a recorded message without knowing what to say can be detrimental to your claim because an insurer can twist the information to fit their narrative.

Likewise, giving a recorded statement is not beneficial to resolving your worker’s compensation claim, regardless of what an insurance company might say. Some companies will encourage you to sign medical authorization forms to gain access to your medical records and potentially place you at fault. In this event, contact an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer.

How to Avoid the Denial of a Claim

Insurance companies usually do not want to grant workers compensation until they have received concrete evidence that someone suffered an injury on the job. If you were injured, you should determine if any witnesses were around at the time of the accident so they can corroborate your story. You should also submit a detailed report of the incident to your employer directly after it occurs and get evaluated by a healthcare professional so that your medical records correspond with your injury. Contact a lawyer immediately if an insurance company asks you for a recorded statement. File your worker’s compensation claim while you are still working with the company where an injury occurred; do not wait until it’s too late.

Speak With Our Attorneys for Help with Worker’s Compensation Denials

At Costa Ivone, we could handle your claim with care and ensure that you receive fair treatment while fighting for your compensation. We sympathize with your frustration when an insurance company is contesting your claim and understand the burden of hefty medical bills and lost wages. If you’ve been hurt at work and have been denied the benefits you deserve, contact us to schedule a free consultation!

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