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November 1, 2023
Written by: Anthony Ivone
Understanding Your Rights After A Workplace Injury
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Know Your Rights After A Workplace Injury

Numerous workers experience the harsh reality of workplace injuries every year. No matter how big or small the problem is, it can ruin a person’s life and put a lot of stress on their body, emotions, and finances. We at Costa Ivone, LLC, are committed to helping you through these trying times. We’ll explain your rights and the legal options available to you with the help of Julio A. Costa and our hardworking staff.


The Reality Of Workplace Injuries

There is a wide range of injuries, from minor cuts and bruises to serious ones like broken bones, burns, and even traumatic brain injuries. Each type has a different recovery time, potential complications, and effects on quality of life.

Beyond the obvious physical problems, an injury can cause mental health problems like anxiety or depression, especially if it affects one’s ability to work. The mounting medical bills and lost wages can exacerbate this stress.


Your Legal Rights Explained

  • Right to compensation: Every worker deserves compensation for injuries sustained on the job. This isn’t limited to immediate medical expenses but also future treatments, therapies, and potential lost future earnings.
  • Right to medical treatment: Immediate and appropriate medical care is not just essential for health but also crucial for building a robust compensation claim.
  • Right to return or not return to work: Post-recovery, one might be able to return to their previous role, or they might need modifications. In some cases, a complete career shift might be necessary.


Role Of The Employer

Reporting responsibilities: It’s imperative for employers to maintain transparent records of all workplace injuries. These records can be pivotal in legal proceedings.

Ensuring a safe working environment: This isn’t a favor, but a right. Regular safety drills, equipment checks, and employee training are essential.


Navigating Workers’ Compensation Claims

  • What it covers: Apart from the obvious medical bills, workers’ compensation also caters to rehabilitation services, counseling, and even compensation for permanent injuries.
  • How to file a claim: The first step is informing the employer of the injury, followed by thorough medical documentation. It’s essential to follow the set timelines.
  • Potential challenges and resolutions: Sometimes, claims can be unfairly denied or undervalued. This is where the expertise of workers comp attorneys is invaluable. They can challenge these decisions, ensuring you get what you deserve.


The Value Of A Knowledgeable Workplace Injury Attorney

There are many complicated terms and steps in the workers’ compensation law world. An attorney acts as a translator, making things easier.

An attorney speaks up for you in negotiations and makes sure you don’t get taken advantage of or bullied.

Experience is important. An attorney who has worked on similar cases before can anticipate problems, which makes the process go more smoothly.


Avoiding Common Mistakes

  1. Not seeking medical treatment immediately: Some injuries might not show immediate symptoms. However, delaying medical attention can not only harm your health but also weaken your claim.
  2. Settling without understanding your rights: The initial settlement offer is rarely the best. It’s crucial to consult with your work injury attorney before making decisions.
  3. Not keeping a record of the injury and its implications: Every medical report, bill, and even personal journal detailing daily struggles can be instrumental in your claim.


Workplace injuries can change a person’s life, but with the right legal help, it’s easier to get better and get justice. Our history at Costa Ivone, LLC, speaks for itself. The numerous successful case results and the raving client reviews are proof of our unwavering commitment to justice. Don’t go through this ordeal alone if you or a loved one have suffered a workplace injury. Our practice areas or contact us directly. Together, we’ll make sure your rights are respected.


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