December 21, 2022
Written by: Anthony Ivone
What to Do When You Notice Your Injuries Right After a Car Accident
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Car accidents are traumatic events that can impact every part of your life. Many people recognize this impact immediately after the collision or within an hour afterward. Knowing what to do when you notice your injuries after a car accident can help you make your best recovery and increase your odds of a successful compensation claim.

While seeking proper medical care after a collision is always a good idea, it is crucial to seek care in the moments following a motor vehicle accident. Likewise, properly preserving evidence could help you secure the financial recovery you deserve.

Seeking Medical Care After a Crash

Even if you do not believe that the accident you have been involved in is serious, call the police to be safe. Calling law enforcement can be helpful for various reasons. First, the police officer will offer medical aid to anyone who needs it and can call an ambulance if necessary to ensure any injured parties have the best chance of a quick recovery. Second, police officers will create an accident report as evidence in insurance claims for trials to determine liability. Finally, calling the police can help to secure the crash site to ensure that evidence does not disappear.

People with less serious injuries may be able to leave the scene on their own. However, traveling to an emergency room or urgent care clinic is always a good idea. Letting these facilities know you were in a car crash can help them provide adequate care and properly document the incident.

Gather Evidence from the Scene of the Incident if Possible

Your priority after a car crash should be obtaining the medical attention you need. However, it is also your best chance to get evidence about the collision. If you are able and have already called the police, your smartphone can be a powerful tool.

The camera and video functions are your way to take pictures of the resting position of vehicles, video of the intersection or segments of the road, and statements from witnesses who observed the crash. If you can gather this vital information, you may be able to build a powerful case using this evidence.

Understanding What to Do When You Notice Your Injuries Right After a Car Accident Can Help Protect Your Health and Legal Rights

If you notice that you are injured soon after a car crash, there are a few things you should do. Regardless of your injuries, always call the police after a collision. The dispatcher can send an ambulance to help, or an arriving officer can administer first aid. Only these trained professionals can determine the extent of your injuries and can also help connect those injuries to a car crash. Calling the police will also create an official report that serves as evidence in a future insurance claim or lawsuit.

It is also possible to gather evidence on your own after a crash. If your injuries are relatively minor, attempt to collect photos or videos of the scene and speak with any witnesses who may have observed the collision. Reach out to our knowledgeable attorneys to learn more about what to do when you notice your injuries right after a car accident.

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