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June 15, 2016
Written by: Anthony Ivone
Ethics! Ethics! Ethics!
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How Lawyers at CI Adhere to the Most Strict Ethical Standards

Ethical behavior is important to any business, however it is crucial to  legal practices– you might even say it’s the cornerstone for this line of work. No lawyer succeeds without a great reputation and no reputation can become great without that lawyer being ethical. 
At Costa Ivone, we appreciate that you are entrusting us to navigate your legal questions and issues. This position of trust you have granted us  inspires the team at CI to adhere to only the most strict ethical guidelines– anything else would be bad business. Here are a few ways which we ensure that we are maintaining the highest quality of ethical behavior possible:
  • Continuing Education. At CI, we realize the value of continuing education in ensuring that we are engaging in best practices– this includes ethics. We apply the lessons learned annually in our CLE (Continuing Legal Education) courses, which includes guidance on Professional Responsibility and Ethical Behavior.
  • Client-Attorney Privilege. We strictly adhere to the rule that an attorney may not disclose the confidences and secrets of past or present clients. This ensures that you will stay protected when hiring us as your counsel.
  • We follow the Illinois Code of Professional Responsibility.  No lawyer practices on whim or fancy– instead, they are accountable to higher state agencies and oversight. At CI, we strictly follow the ethical guidelines set out in the Illinois Code of Professional Responsibility. They include specific guidance on ethical advertising, solicitation (of clients), and fair pricing.        
  • It’s in our interest to be ethical.  Think about it– besides our responsibility to higher state agencies and state guideline, it would simply be bad business to engage in unethical conduct. Instead, we need to provide helpful, ethical counsel to our clients in order to sustain our reputation and continue to grow as a practice. In other words, our success depends upon our high degree of ethical behavior!
Justice requires ethical attorney behavior. The Legal System is governed by rules– many of which fall under the category of ethics. Justice can’t be properly served if attorneys fail to adhere to the carefully constructed rules of the game. Knowing this, the team at CI– who are concerned primarily with obtaining just results for our clients— engage in ethical behavior at all times, in order to achieve these results.

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